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On the move and need a rolling surface?  Don't find yourself rolling up on random flat surfaces ever again.  As long as you have your phone with you with an iChief case protecting you, you will always have a sturdy, reliable place to roll your weed.  

The iChief phone case was invented by siblings who always witnessed their older brothers going to "chief," also known as their secret word for getting high.  The youngins didn't understand what their brothers meant but always wanted to tag along.  They designed a phone case after finally learning what going to chief meant that would fit the needs of the herbalist.  iChief phone cases fit on iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S cell phones with a space to break down your ingredients, funnel them into your papers and store your papers and one pre-roll.  

In January 2013, iChief hit the scene becoming the first iPhone case with a built in rolling tray.  Since then, many other companies have tried to hop on the bandwagon and create their own version of rolling cases.  iChief is the originator of the genius idea to have a rolling station with you at all times by creating a case that safely covers your phone as well as aids to your rolling.  The case is made of plastic and although it is a secure fit on earlier versions of the iPhone, it was not designed for damage protection against drops.  The iChief case is perfect for your rolling needs; it should not be compared to products such as the Otter Box which are guaranteed to protect your phone against damage.  

If you frequently find yourself needing a place to roll up, an iChief phone case is perfect for you.  As long as your phone is with you, you will never struggle to roll your weed again!  Check out iChief and get your new rolling phone case today!