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Icy Tokes



Who doesn't love smoking from a beautiful, chilled water pipe?  Two brothers decided to rid themselves of having their ice melt before they cleared their bowl; a problem which seemed to be reoccurring.  In 2010, Icy Tokes hit the cannabis industry to give herbalists a guaranteed chilled smoke without having to refill their bong with fresh ice cubes.

Icy Tokes are made out of recycled, re-freezable glass ice cubes that can be snapped together to fit in water pipes of any size.  If your bong has a diameter of 35mm, which is usually the standard size, Icy Tokes will chill your top shelf smoke in your favorite glass piece.  Icy Tokes are a smart investment because they are reusable, easy to use and remove and they serve their purpose perfectly.  Simply decided the length of the Icy Toke you will need to use for your water pipe, insert, smoke and remove when finished.  The adjustable feature makes this product convenient for herbalists with a small, medium or large bong because the glass cubes will fit in any size.


After placing your Icy Tokes in the freezer for 15 minutes, they will be cold enough for the perfect chilled smoke.  Chilling smoke in your bong is what they do, and it’s as easy as a snap with Icy Tokes!  This is the best alternative to using actual ice cubes because you won't end up with extra water in your pipe or lungs.  The California based company is family owned and operated, servicing herbalists from the ages of 18 to 80!  Icy Tokes recognizes that their product is used for both medical and recreational uses and suggests that anyone who enjoys smoking out of a water pipe to try Icy Tokes.

Tired of having to fill your bong with ice cubes and waiting until they melt to remove them?  Keep your Icy Tokes ready to go to eliminate the hassle of prepping and cleaning before and after a sesh.  Icy Tokes are available online as singles for $20 or doubles for $35.  If you're an herbalist who enjoys smoking out of a beautifully crafted glass piece, get your Icy Tokes today!