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Looking for a dope pair of weed socks?  Your first instinct may be to look into buying a popular name brand but why not try something new?  A group of designers/cannabis enthusiasts came up with the idea to introduce the most comfortable cannabis socks in the market for herbalists like you and me!  Smokey Socks hit the scene in February 2014 with intentions of becoming a popular sock brand for the cannabis community.

Based out of Los Angeles, California, these entrepreneurs design and distribute socks for men and women of any size.  Smokey Socks are unlike other marijuana socks.  Each pair are high end performance socks with padded toes and heels.  Your feet will be extremely comfortable walking or lounging around in Smokey Socks.  The arch support enhances comfort and ventilated tops give your toes fresh air - who likes sweaty feet!?  Smokey Socks team of material and design specialists make sure that each sock is made to perfection for each customer.

Looking for some new socks to match your weed apparel perfectly?  Smokey Socks has many different designs, colors and styles to cater to each herbalist - because we're all different with the same hobby.  Don't be like the average herbalist with tons of other name brand weed socks.  Diversify yourself and cop a pair of Smokey Socks today!