The Kasher is the multi-purpose tool that fits nice and snug around your favorite lighter.  Whether it be a regular or mini size BIC or even a Clipper lighter, the Kasher is a unique way to decorate and personalize your lighter while also having a poker on hand at all times.

Inventor of the Kasher, Andrew Sweeney, came up with the magnificent idea while in college.  He found himself always looking for a poker to stir and clear marijuana bowls.  The Kasher was released to the public in 2009 and has developed a reputation as the ideal tool to take away the hassle of poking, stirring and asking bowls.  Not only does the Kasher help with your needs when smoking from a bowl, it is a great packing tool for joints and blunts.

The Kasher is made of stainless steel and have a thick, secure grip on any size lighter.  There are also 100% pure titanium Kasher's available that also a great dab tool.  Distributed out of Portland, Oregon, the Kasher is available in multiple sizes: The Kasher, Kasher Plus, Kasher OG, Kasher Titanium, Kasher Mini and Kasher Klipper.

The Kasher website is a great place to purchase your lighter accessory.  You can also purchase other products like glass, quartz, vape pens, grinders, doob tubes and the Dabvocate.  Kasher will also be having a soft store opening in the beginning of this month.  Visit the Kasher HQ Glass Shack & Smoke Shop opening in Portland, Oregon, 4422 SW Corbett Ave.

Kasher's are available nation wide, in Canada and even Australia!  Get yours today!