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The one stop shop for all vaporizer, accessories and e-liquids is King Pen Vapes!  Their vaporizers for dry herb, concentrates and e-liquid and are some of the best, quality vaporizer pens you will find.  Started in June 2013, they started selling their vape pens at local meets and events, then gradually began selling their pens in stores in Los Angeles county and on their website.  

King Pen Vapes tries to focus on everything from all types of prices and range from portability, durability to style.  They recognize that everyone is different and has a unique style and taste.  They have a long, organized, and well thought out list of vaporizers for your dry herbs, concentrates, essential oils, and e-Liquids.  King Pen Vapes also carries accessories and their own e-liquids.  One of the their most creative products  is their iPhone 5/5s Vaporizer that easily snaps onto the back of the iPhone 5/5s.  It can be used as a battery for the vaporizer or to charge your iPhone.

We had a few first time vape pen smokers hit the King Pen dry herb vape.  Everyone who hit the vape pen said they had to get one!  These pens hit hard and give off the same effect as if you were smoking a blunt or spliff.  We love King Pen Vapes, even after smoking other vape pens.

King Pen Vapes is based out of Los Angeles, CA but is seeing a trend of east coast states making purchases due to MMJ becoming a popular topic in states like New York and Florida.  Only being in business for one year, they have seen tremendous growth and hope to continue to prosper as legalizing marijuana starts to sweep the nation.

If you're looking for a new vape pen, check out King Pen Vapes for your premier vaporizer pen distributor.  With a wide selection of vape pens for any herbalist to choose from, you can't go wrong with King Pen Vapes!