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On a train ride in New York City, a woman was thinking of the perfect way to give a gift to an herbalist friend. The idea sparked to create a custom greeting card with a special slot for a pre-rolled blunt and thus, the idea for Kush Kards was born. The company was launched in Denver at the HighTimes Cannabis Cup and since then, the success for Kush Katds has taken off. 

Greeting cards are a classic way to give gifts to others however, until Kush Kards, herbalists did not have many options of cards that they could relate to. Kush Kards offers cards for all holidays, including Christmas, Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. These are unlike any other greeting cards because they each have a match strike at the bottom to help light the pre-rolled that is placed in its own designated holder.  They also offer custom greeting cards in which you can attach a pre-roll of your choice, like a joint, blunt or vape. 

The company has done much of its business with females in the marijuana industry but is intended for both men and women, ages 21 and up. Kush Kards are available on their website or in one of their six retail locations in Denver, Colorado and Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Can't afford or think of a gift to give? There's not one herbalist who would be disappointed with a personalized note inside of a cannabis themed greeting card with a pre-rolled attached. Get your Kush Kards today!