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Kush Queen Bath Bomb

Cannabis, as we know, has multiple healing properties that can benefit many different conditions and illnesses.  The Kush Queen is the epitome of keying into those properties and focusing on how they can help the female herbalists looking to medicate in a variety of ways. One of our favorite Kush Queen products are their line of bath bombs, which are offered in different colors and each contains the perfect amount of CO2 oil and CBD.

The Kush Queen bath bomb is like no other.  As soon as you drop the bomb into your bath water, it immediately starts dissolving.  Slowly sinking in your tub, the Kush Queen bath bomb sizzles while releasing ingredients to benefit your skin and body.  Each bomb contains 100% natural essential oils artificial dyes or preservatives.  One special (and awesome) fact about the Kush Queen bath bomb is that they use food coloring - which means they won't stain your tub! Unlike other bath bombs that like to change the color of your bath water rather than benefit your health and wellness leave you scrubbing your bath tub endlessly after what was supposed to be a relaxing experience.

Each bath bomb is tendered to different aspects of your day that may cause you to need a little R&R.  Let the aches and pains dissolve along with the Relieve bomb. This is a great choice for a warm bath just before bed after a long day of being out and about.  Your discomfort will seemingly disappear as you begin to feel extremely calm and relaxed. It includes organic clove buds, sweet birch, black pepper, and coriander seed essential oils. 

Feeling stressed out or down in the dumps? The Relax bomb is a great mood enhancer.  After soaking in and Kush Queen Relax bath bomb made with lavender,  chamomile ,and frankincense essential oils, you will start or finish your day in good spirits.  Tune into your body's need for health and wellness, allowing these essential oils to recenter yourself.  Wash away the day's anxiety or refresh with peace and zen.

Send yourself to sleep after a soothing bath with a Sleep bomb.  Relax your body as the lab tested CO2 oil and CBD isolate absorbs into your skin as the organic citrus reticulata, origanum majorana ,and lavender essential oils blend helps ease you into a blissful slumber.  (Make sure you get out of the tub, first!)

Not only do the Kush Queen bath bombs cater to a woman's personal needs, but it also leaves your skin with a silky smooth touch.  Each bomb leaves a lotion-like coating on your skin, making it hard for you, or your special someone, to keep their hands off of you! 

The aftermath: a new, relaxed, YOU!  Of course baths in general are relaxing themselves.  But the CBD and CO2 cannabis oil in the Kush Queen bath bomb gives your body a relaxed feeling like no other.  Have no fear of getting an intense body high after sitting in your bathtub with one of these bombs.  Imagine your muscles relaxing, tension being released from your body, and a feeling of calmness - those are three effects you're guaranteed to feel after a Kush Queen bath bomb.

This is a top selling canna-bath bomb, with accolades from High Times, New York Times and Cosmopolitan magazine.  Ladies, you MUST try the Kush Queen Bath Bombs.