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Introducing the most innovative light you could possibly find: Linse Lighters!  This handheld and most convenient lighter solves the common problem of many herbalists when trying to light water pipes and bowls.  The creators of Linse Lighters grew tired of burning their fingers when tilting their lighter to light their water pipe and decided to work on creating a pocket lighter that solved their problem.

In 2014, Linse Lighters launched their online shop selling their unique lighters that cater to not only the cannabis community, but to the average household as well.  Linse lighters function as the average BIC, with an adjustable nozzle that directs the flame protracts to 0, 45, and 90 degrees.  Your pocket lighter can turn into a tiny torch in the matter of seconds with Linse.  The versatility of Linse allows you to light anything from a joint, cigarette, water pipe, pipe, cigar, candle or more!

The Linse Lighter was founded by Daniel Rahbar and Ardie Kamran, with a strong team of business savvy people behind them to deliver excellent customer service and product satisfaction.  The company is based out of Los Angeles, California and is always looking for more devoted individuals to support the Linse Lighter team and is accepting inquiries for reps all over the country.  If you're interested in reaping the Linse Lighter team, send an email to Nathan by clicking here!

If you're looking for a multi-functional lighter that you can use in many circumstances without burning your fingers, Linse is our suggested lighter of choice.  In any situation that needs a flame, Linse Lighters are able to adjust to the most comfortable lighting position and back into the regular shape.  Instead of having a collection of many different lighters for various instances in which you may need them, get yourself a refillable Linse Lighter today!