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Still struggling to find the perfect case to carry your cannabis?  Lyons Cases has invented a unique style and shaped carry case that fits your medical containers inside.  The company launched in November 2014, producing a line of high quality stash bags.  The mission was to create a convenient bag that would hold some cannabis, a vape pen, a grinder, and other necessities to smoke.  

The Lyons Case comes in three different sizes and in many different colors and even some cool patterns.  All of these cases have been carefully hand sewn and are padded with high-density foam.  These stylish cases are also great for carrying around small glass pieces such as bowls or dabbers.  Another plus about these unique carry cases is the fact that they are machine washable!  Even if your Lyons Case begins to smell of weed, remove that stench by throwing it in the wash.  Lyons Cases securely hold your buds inside by closing the case with a plastic snap that buttons together to secure whatever you choose to store inside.

 If you're still carrying your cannabis the old school way in a ziploc bag, don't depend on Lyons Cases to conceal the scent of your marijuana.  Lyons Cases will only hide the scent of cannabis that is inside a sealed or smell proof container.  After dealing with many sewn goods, owner Paul Lyons decided to create his own line of  carry cases that will add a sense of style to your smoking kit.  Since its release, Lyons Cases has seen popularity amongst female herbalists, with a huge interaction with customers on Instagram.

Looking for a better bag to carry your weed in?  Lyons Cases will discretely fit and hide your every need.  Get yourself a Lyons Case that fits your style today!