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Mary Jane The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women



In the past, women have been stereotyped to not have the tolerance, talent or knowledge to be active cannabis community members.  Recently, this unfortunate common way of thinking has been contradicted by people like Cheri Sicard; author, entrepreneur and cannabis chef.  Cheri has triumphed as a professional food writer and recipe developer and since becoming a medical marijuana patient in her 30's has been fascinated by the many medicinal effects of the plant.  After graduating from  Oaksterdam University, Sicard has released a variety of books; some pertaining to cannabis while others do not.  Mary Jane The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women focuses on educating females on the plant, its properties and its many uses.

The Higher Content stumbled upon one of Cheri Sicard's fliers about her new book in Denver, Colorado and immediately thought to reach out to write about Mary Jane The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women.  The flier adequately described her book as being an excellent guide for women in the wonderful world of weed.  Sicard breaks down cannabis terminology, slang the different functions and uses of marijuana.  This is a great guide for women who want to introduce themselves to cannabis or for those who want to brush up on their knowledge.  Men probably will not be as intrigued to purchase this book as women because the literature addresses the reader and cannabis consumer as a female however, this book may help women develop the confidence to debate with the egotistical male herbalist.

Cheri Sicard does a spectacular job introducing the cannabis plant and its many nicknames.  She simplifies marijuana into terms that anyone can understand without going into depth about the scientific properties of the plant.  The book does a great job in explaining the properties of cannabis that make you high as well as describing what aids with certain ailments.  After reading Mary Jane The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women, you will have a better understanding of which strains will make you sleepy as compared to those that will make you more social and energetic.

In Sicard's handbook, she teaches females about everything from flowers, concentrates and edibles, to transporting cannabis, dealing with authorities medical marijuana doctors.  This very insightful read is definitely an attribute to women in the cannabis community.   Cheri writes the truth from experience and her education at Oaksterdam University.  Cheri Sicard will enlighten female herbalists to the fundamentals of marijuana and some not so common sense facts as well.  After finishing her book, any female will have a greater confidence about dealing with and speaking about cannabis.

If you're a female looking to expand her knowledge about cannabis, starting off with Cheri Sicard's Mary Jane The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women is the perfect beginning.  Get your female oriented marijuana handbook today and check out Sicard's other cannabis books on her website.  The book is available on Amazon right now!