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Miss Mary Jane Co.


Every female herbalist has probably seen a pair of Miss Mary Jane Co. leggings.  Whether on a marijuana model on social media or at a cannabis event, MMJ Co. designs female cannabis themed apparel and accessories.  All of their designs are made in house, making each other their items original, unique and a HIT for women in the cannabis community.

The Denver, Colorado based partnership was launched on 7/10/2013, a perfect day which seemingly brought upon good luck for the company who focus' on cannabis and concentrates.  As women who have always been into fashion and smoking, they stumbled upon a rising industry after moving to the first legal medical and recreational state.  Together, the two women partnered to represent the females within the community by creating a brand influenced by their styles and taste that women herbalists can identify with.

Miss Mary Jane Co's most popular weed leaf leggings sell for $49.99 on their website.  Along with selling apparel, the female driven company also supports glass blowers.  MMJ Co. sells bright, sparkly glass, dabbers and pendants as well.  With the rising popularity of these infamous weed leggings, there are definitely some knock-off's out there.  However, the company is patent protected and will continue to create unique herbalist fashion for females.

If you haven't already, go get yourself a pair of Miss Mary Jane Co. leggings!  Not only are they comfortable to either work or lounge around in, they are the most popular leggings in the marijuana industry.  You can also get cute glass for your collection.  Miss Mary Jane Co. is THE brand for female herbalists!