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Mobile Heads NYC



Allow the Mobile Heads NYC crew to find your next heady glass piece or deliver your necessary cannabis products.  This unique company services the five boroughs and parts of Long Island, and sometimes making larger deliveries to New Jersey. The small business out of New York City is the prime delivery headshop service.

Customers from the ages of 18-65 have taken advantage of this amazing service that brings your favorite products like rigs (low end glass to high-end heady pieces), quartz accessories (bangers, dabbers, dab Timers, etc.), RAW and Shine papers, vape pens and more!  Residual customers are never charged a delivery fee however, first time purchasers are required to make at least a $200 purchase in order to have products delivered at an agreed meet up location.  "For safety reasons, we do not offer door to door sales and are very careful with where and to whom we deliver our products, especially high end," the company stated.  

Mobile Heads NYC travels around in their forest green Jeep with the company logo very discreetly on the back and always travel with security for safety concerns.  Always on the hunt for new customers and businesses to collaborate with, the company attends and hosts cannabis events and also has plans to expand to a storefront sometime in the future.  

When asked what makes Mobile Heads NYC unique, we were told, "What other company are of aware of that will hand deliver a 4 thousand dollar rig, dabbing accessories and rolling papers with just a bit of advance notice?? I rest my case."

Check out what Mobile Heads NYC has to offer and contact them today to have your next favorite glass piece delivered to you.