My Green Remedies Green Prana Candles


Our friend over at My Green Remedies has expanded her inventory, creating more cannabis infused products for your pleasure.  The innovative entrepreneur and owner of the well known canna-lotions in the cannabis industry now personally makes each individual Clean Air Aromatherapy candle in different scents to have your rooms filled with unique aromas with a slight hint of hemp.

My Green Remedies candles burn slow and smooth.  Each candle melts evenly and now have wooden wicks with an elevated platform to keep the wick standing instead of falling into the wax.  These candles should be used for aromatherapy, with soothing and calming effects with a slight feeling of drowsiness.  They relax your body when burned, aiding to muscle aches as well.  The candles are cannabis infused because the plant provides some beautiful and unique aromas.  My Green Remedies Green Prana candles only incorporate bee's wax in their ingredients as compared to other candles that use paraffin and soy. 

My Green Remedies made the decision to make candles to surround their customers with goodness.  The goal is to remove harmful household items from herbalist's environments by using nature's best way to emit peace and harmony - cannabis.  Their candles are not only therapeutic, we have also found them to be a great incense during a cypher.  Each fragrance has a delightful scent with no overpowering smell of marijuana.  Besides, the purpose of the candle is not to make the room smell like you baked it out!  

We love My Green Remedies and their willingness to provide for the cannabis community.  After not being satisfied with their initial batch of Green Prana candles, they continued to perfect their product and allowed The Higher Content to influence their decision to continue making their candles.  We enjoyed burning our Puffle Time and Enchantment candles.  Check out My Green Remedies through Instagram @mygreenremedies and their other scents like Whisper Please, Lavender Krush, Just Breathe and Sugarcookie.