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My Green Remedies



More frequently, herbalists have been turning their passion for cannabis into their business.  The idea for My Green Remedies came from an herbalist who has used marijuana for 24 years for personal use and pain relief.  However, smoking didn't always do the trick when it came to pain and ailments.  After studying at the School of Holistic Touch, the owner of the CannaLotion company decided to go topical.

My Green Remedies launched in January of 2014 and is run solo by a canna-enthusiast in San Bernadino, California.  The CannaLotions are created for all age groups to treat skin ailments and even cancer.  The lotions  incorporate all of nature's best healers, like organic coconut oil and Emu oil, into a hemp infused topical that will treat your skin ailments.  My Green Remedies takes the time to research different essential oils and the sickness in which the lotion is being developed for.  Each lotion cures for at least 24 hours and are bottled and labeled by hand.

If you don't have any skin problems, you can still use My Green Remedies products to prevent any future issues.  Not only do these lotions come in different fragrances, they make your skin feel unbelievably smooth and moisturized.  Each bottle has a different purpose for women, men and couples.  My Green Remedies offers a variety of canna-lotions to fit the needs of all herbalists in the cannabis community.

The passion and care that is put into My Green Remedies products is beyond compare!  These lotions are designed with everyone in mind - you can find a lotion that specifically caters to your needs!  My Green Remedies will soon be a household name in the cannabis community.  If you're a true herbalist, purchase your cannalotion from My Green Remedies today!