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Nail Crown



The creators of the Santra Cruz vape pen have also created the only product in the marijuana industry specially designed for safety.  Cruz Culture invented the multifunctional Nail Crown, which can be used to store and clean your dab tools, prop your cell phone to take dab selfies, cover a hot dab nail, and more!  The Nail Crown was intended to be a safety device but surprisingly became a very useful device for those that are frequent dabbers.

Don't be quick to turn your head at this herbal product.  This product looks like a decorative device for your dabbing collection but it is much more than that!  The removable bottom piece reveals a center console for your dabbing utensils.  Not only that, you can also fill it with iso-propyl alcohol and let your tools sit in there while they clean.  The bottom can also be used a resting place for your rig when put down on surfaces that can scratch or damage your glass.  

The indent in the crown can be used as an ashtray when smoking flowers, as a surface when using the nectar collector or a carb cap for your rig's nail.  Putting the Nail Crown over an e-nail while it's on can also protect by-passers from getting burned.  Use the Nail Crown as a stand for your cell phone when you want to take dab videos or selfies.  You may even come across many other ways that you can use your Nail Crown!

If you're looking for a unique place to store your dab tools, as well as other things, the Nail Crown is the perfect accessory.  The Nail Crown is offered in a variety of colors, as well as glow in the dark, for $25.  The color changing Nail Crown's are $30.  We love using our purple Nail Crown!  Check out what Cruz Culture has to offer on their website  and purchase your Nail Crown today!