Peace Water


Clean water is an essential part of your smoking experience when hitting a bong.  Peace Water was created to keep your glass clean while contributing to an all natural smoke.  After watching many friends put random liquids in their bongs, the creator of Peace Water decided to research and experiment with different all natural ingredients that can assist with keeping glass clean.  Based in San Diego, California, the Peace Water partnership provides a cost effective, long lasting glass cleaner for the cannabis community.

Any herbalist who uses glass is familiar with having to purchase pricey glass cleaners to maintain a clean, tasty smoke.  While many of these cleaners contain harmful chemicals that should not be ingested, Peace Water is made of all natural ingredients and has been chemically tested to be sure it is a safe liquid when in contact with hot smoke.  For those herbalists that are 18 and older, Peace Water is the perfect additive for either a bong or rig.  

Peace Water has been recorded to have kept a bowl clean for 55 uses after smoked over a one week period!  As a new product on the marijuana market, Peace Water has successfully been placed in four smoke shops in California and will most definitely be popping up in a smoke shop near you!  You can purchase a 16 oz. bottle of Peace Water for $3 on their website.

Keep your glass spotless and your smoke healthy with Peace Water!