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Phoenician Grinder



Every herbalist needs a grinder that is durable and breaks down their cannabis perfectly.  Introducing the Phoenician Grinder, which has the ability to crush any strain; whether it be sticky, dense or both.  Unlike any other grinder, the Phoenician is designed with the faults of other grinders in mind.  The three founders, Justin Cifelli, Dane and Colton Dukat, started Phoenician Engineering just one year ago and released their awesome grinders to the cannabis community in June 2014.


The Arizona based company designs grinders specifically made for breaking marijuana strains down to the perfect size and density to be smoked in any way.  The teeth of these grinders are diametrically placed to similarly grind your cannabis to the like of the shears of scissors.  This way, the integrity of the trichrome is kept in tact as compared to other cheap, plastic grinders that have no method in their purpose.  All materials used in making a Phoenician Grinder are sourced from the USA,  guaranteeing authenticity and capable of being traced.  

The outside of the grinder is designed for comfortability and convenience when being used.  Ridges on the outside which create an easy grip, a small indent in the top is a great ash tray and there is a paper slot to hold your rolling papers.  

The Phoenician Grinder is a great investment, but a bigger one than usual if you've bought a grinder before.  Their grinders are contingent on size, with the small starting at $65 and a large reaching $120.  Phoenician Engineering also offers their Elite Series, made out of 304 stainless steel and titanium, plated in 24kt gold, copper, silver, powered coat white, or black chrome.  The Elite Series is an even bigger investment, starting at $500.

If you had to choose a grinder to purchase, we most definitely recommend the Phoenician Grinder for its durability and convenience.  This grinder will perfectly grind your weed as well as strain and store your keif.  Rather than investing in multiple grinders that will break or stick when using, invest in a one time purchase that will last much longer than any other grinder on the market.  Check out the variety of grinders that Phoenician Engineering offers.