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Wanna be a trendsetter when it comes to wearing the flyest herbalist apparel?  The name Piffery has a dual meaning - one definition says it represents the top of the food chain buds in the cannabis culture and the other describes the illest and realest gear designed for the cannabis community.

Piffery is coming up on their one year anniversary.  Their apparel dropped in November of 2013 and has been selling their dope clothes, hats, face masks and back packs to a wide range and variety of herbalists.  The team at Piffery designs apparel for men and women who look to customize their style to tend towards their unique swag.  They always keep an eye out for what's trending in the cannabis community and create designs based off of what they find to be popular.  Not a single item of clothing gets put into production without the approval from the Piffery team.

Piffery stays present in the cannabis community by attending events like the Boston Freedom Rally, where we were introduced to their unique brand.  They also stay connected with their customers through social media, like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  In due time, Piffery will be a world wide brand - selling to retail stores, debuting in music videos and advertising in magazines.  Be on the lookout for this hot new clothing line that caters to the cannabis community; they'll be everywhere soon!  While they're on the rise, be one of their day one supporters and pick up some Piffery apparel today!