Pot Brothers At Law


Every herbalist would definitely feel more protected if they had a lawyer that was specifically dedicated to protecting their rights when it comes to their cannabis use.  The Pot Brothers at Law are two attorneys that represent marijuana court cases in the state of California but offer their advice to herbalists around the country.  The lawyers have released their own line of t-shirts and hats, printed with their hashtag, #STFU.  Herbalists may now purchase their apparel reminding them to shut the fuck up when the cops ask them about marijuana.

The Pot Brothers at Law line offers both male and female shirts and snapback hats.  Their items are stylish and fitting for the cannabis community as well as an outspoken statement of protecting yourself and knowing your rights.  While some may view the phrase "shut the fuck up" to be disrespectful or offensive, it is a modern way of saying keeping your mouth shut.  Respectfully, the hashtag #STFU is not referring to the police.  #STFU is another way of saying you're invoking your fifth amendment right and will not speak without an attorney present.

Need a reminder on what to do when dealing with the police?  Purchase your #STFU t-shirt and snapback in the Pot Brothers at Law webstore and coming soon, in THCShop!