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Do you ever find yourself needing a carrying case or your pre-rolls?  When you need something to smoke the old fashioned way while your on the go, you'll need a protective case to travel with to ensure you won't lose or damage your meds.  The Pot Pocket was created after the owner and her husband decided to design a wooden carrying case for her sister, who suffered from cancer and used medical marijuana for treatment.  The sleek, unique canna-case has slots for three prerolled marijuana joints. 

Three female entrepreneur joined together to distribute Pot Pockets to stores in September of 2014.  The Personal Organizational Tool (POT) is made for any herbalist who smokes joints, medicinally or recreationally.  The Pot Pocket is discreet enough to comfortably fit in your pocket without worrying your joints will get crushed or bent out of shape.  You can fit three thin rolled joints inside this wooden, wallet sized product.   


This product is unique in that it differs from the common "Doob Tube."  A plus to the Pot Pocket is the fact that you can carry multiple prerolls in one cases compared to squeezing them into a tube or carrying a large or more than on case.  Pot Pockets will fit joints the size a of a cigarette.  Big head spliffs or king size joints won't fit in the Pot Pocket. 

For $20, you will never have to worry about losing or damaging your pre-rolls while on the go!  The Pot Pocket is the perfect solution to traveling with your pre-rolls while hiding the smell and protecting you trees.  Check out the Pot Pocket and get your personal organization tool today!