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Ladies!  Don't worry about being clumsy with your glass anymore!  Pretty Pouches by Ganja Granny makes padded pouches for female herbalists to protect and travel with their glass pieces.  Each Pretty Pouch is made with care out of Iowa by an independent ganjaprenuer who genuinely loves her craft.

The dedicated craft maker began making and selling her glass pouches in 2010.  Ganja Granny starts by cutting the unique, feminine fabric for each individual Pretty Pouch.  She carefully sews each pouch to perfection, then stuffs them with padding to glass protection.  Each pouch is hand stitched at the top, then the cord with an attached cord lock is inserted with any additional beads or charms.

Pretty Pouches are cute traveling cases for female herbalists.  You could fit two small bowls inside and be sure that they will not fall out or crack.  The padding is extremely protective against outer damage however, we would not suggest that you be careless when carrying your Pretty Pouch with glass inside.  The drawstring allows you to stretch and lock the strings into place, making it easy to insert and remove pieces from your pouch.  Prices range from $9-$20 per pouch.  This would be a great gift for a female who needs to keep their small glass pieces protected from damage. 

Choose from various different fabric designs to make your Pretty Pouch unique.  Check out Pretty Pouches on Instagram @PrettyPouches and place your order today at the Pretty Pouches Etsy website