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Puffer Shades



Have you ever found yourself wearing sunglasses while you smoke to either shield your eyes from the sun or protect them from the weed smoke?  The genius' over at Puffer Shades have designed pairs of shades for specially crafted with herbalists in mind.  Puffer Shades sunglasses help avoid eye irritation from the smoke and make for a more enjoyable smoking experience.  

The founder of the Las Vegas based company habitually wore a pair of shades whenever she smoked and sparked the idea to create a line of sunglasses designed for herbalists.  As someone who experiences sensitivity and irritation from marijuana smoke, she began selling Puffer Shades, made with UV400 Polarized lenses to protect which help reduce sun glare.  The polarized lenses also help you see objects more clearly, and also help reduce the harmful effects of UV light. 

Puffer Shades are also made with premium wood temples including bamboo and red rose wood and a laser engraving of their logo on each pair.  Before distribution, each pair of Puffer Shades is tested against the scorching hot Las Vegas sun for approval.  As a rather new company in the cannabis industry, they have proven to have kept herbalists in mind while designing and selling their product.  These herbalist shades are the best, most affordable sunglasses in the cannabis industry.  

Looking for a stylish pair of sunglasses to rock while you're seshing with your people?  Check out Puffer Shades for their selection of glasses and wooden cases designed specifically for herbalists.