Push Trees


One of the hottest clothing lines in the cannabis community is owned and operated by two aspiring, young ganjapreneurs from California.  The idea for Push Trees was birthed while the herbalist couple, @dope_as_yola and @stoner_dottie, were joking around taking pictures.  They creative idea of taking a picture while actually pushing a tree has skyrocketed into one of the most popular apparel choices for canna-friendly clothing.  



You've probably seen a Push Trees tee on one of the many cannabis feeds on Instagram.  Herbalists all over the country have been spotted wearing the creative t-shirts that began distribution just over a year ago.  Push Trees has frequently collaborated with Kush Friendly Ent. but have been solo-releasing their men's tee's for 8 months.  The beginning of their company has seen so much success in the men's department that they plan on expanding their apparel to females as well as offering more than just t-shirts.  The brand, however, is not specific to just men.  Both male and female herbalists will and do take a liking to Push Trees and both genders of various ages about 18 years old have been photographed in their clothes.

Push Trees is more than just a t-shirt company.  There are many "brands" out there that place Google images on an average quality t-shirt, copy designs or are just in it for the money.  The owners of Push Trees are genuine herbalists with a true passion for cannabis.  Each of their designs are made from scratch and tweaked to perfection.  Push Trees shirts are made of the best quality so that you get the longest, good quality wear out of your shirt.  

Aside from excellent quality apparel, Push Trees offers excellent customer service with each business transaction.  The owners make sure every one of their customers are satisfied with their purchase and continue to deliver creative designs inviting both new and old customers to make a purchase as well.  

Every herbalist needs a Push Trees shirt in their closet!  Check out the Push Trees website today and pick a shirt for yourself to stay high in.  Make sure you follow the @PushTrees Instagram for new releases, deals and company updates!