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It's almost every herbalists top choice rolling paper… RAW papers have been around since 1996 and have become one of the top picks among smokers.  Unlike other papers, RAW's are unrefined and natural - meaning there's no harmful bleach which you may find in other brands.  If you look closely, you'll see an HBI trademark watermark which causes a smooth burn.

With there being many other papers to choose from, the idea for RAW came from a child's admiration.  At 5 years old, the creator of the infamous papers watched his father light a Marfil Arroz rolling paper on fire, throw it in the air and watch it disappear.  He grew up collecting papers and in college, opened a smoke shop where he sold exotic rolling papers he would trade from Europe.  At a trade show in Orlando, he happened to meet the creator of Marfil Arroz papers and they decided to partner up to remake those papers under a different name.  First came Elements - because they're made from the earth's elements.  Then came Juicy Jay's - flavored and colored papers.  And finally - RAW thin, translucent brown papers.

RAW papers are manufactured out of the oldest rolling paper factory in the world in Alcoy Spain, the birthplace of rolling papers.  They still use their older machines that are more than 50 years old to maintain their old-style process of making their papers.  It's important to RAW that their products are made the best in small batches.  Mass production is not RAW's way of functioning.  With each purchase of their perfect papers, some of the proceeds goes towards the RAW Foundation, a charity which helps people all over the world.  

RAW papers are dedicated to taking the time to create a quality, healthy product as well as giving back to those who are not as fortunate.  By purchasing RAW products, you not only will enjoy your cyph; you'll also be donating to a cause of Higher Content. ;)