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Rolls Choice Adhesive Pen


We've all been there: watching someone roll a blunt or joint, slobbering down on the roll up to make it stick together.  Never again will you have to witness someone "make love" while rolling up!  The Rolls Choice Adhesive Pen is the best alternative to licking dutch leaves and rolling papers.  The all natural adhesive can be used to seal anything from cigar wraps to envelopes, leaving no sticky residue, stains or odors.  

The idea for the Rolls Choice Adhesive Pen came when Allen Staines, owner and creator, grew tired of watching others soak their roll up with their saliva or having to bear the aftertaste of the cigar wrap himself.  Who wants to smell saliva on their blunt/joint!?  Rolls Choice Adhesive Pen eliminates spreading germs by replacing your saliva with an all natural sealant containing no sugars, parabens or chemicals.  Staines says the adhesive is, "so safe i will eat an entire case of 30 pens. I have been eating it to display safety since creating it."


The Rolls Choice Adhesive Pen is the first of its kind.  Currently, there are no other products on the market that will secure your cannabis flowers inside of a wrap or paper that is safe to consume.  Another upside to using the Rolls Choice over spit is that it provides a smooth, longer burn without changing the taste of the product or wrap being smoked.

Never lick your blunts or joints again!  Rolls Choice Adhesive Pens are available online for $8 each or in bulk for $100 for 30 pens.  You can also find Allen Staines at various events selling his adhesive pens as well.  We 'highly' recommend purchasing one of these! (pun intended)