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A brand with a blatant message: Marijuana is safer than alcohol.  Safer Shirts is a non-profit organization, thought of by a Central Washington University graduate with a degree in Safety and Health Management.  The idea for the brand was born after reading the book Marijuana Is Safer So Why Are We Driving People To Drink? by Steve Fox, Paul Armentano, Mason Tvert, which inspired the t-shirt designer to emphasize the safety in marijuana use over alcohol.

The company owner operates solely with purpose to give, and what better way to do so than to give away or give gifts for donation with an informative message?  Safer Shirts simply state a bold message on the front of each shirt stating that marijuana is safer than alcohol.  These shirts grab anyone's attention; not because of excessive detail or fashionable style, but because of the factual statement it reads.  Safer Shirts are conversation starters that most likely, only the proud herbalist would be found wearing.

For those who are in support of cannabis and a good cause, Safer Shirts is the ideal choice.  A Safer Shirt Gift for Donation costs $20, and with different unisex shirts, shorts and colors options, you will be satisfied with your purchase.  If you're looking for basic marijuana apparel, check out Safer Shirts!