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Santa Cruz Bulletproof Vape



Let's face it: there are so many vape pens on the market nowadays that it's hard to make a decision on which one to purchase.  Cruz Culture originally released their line of colorful vape pens back in August of 2013.  Since the release of their Santa Cruz Vape, the company has observed and adjusted aspects of their vaporizer pen and recently released their all new Santa Cruz Bulletproof Vape for Wax.

Still available in many cool colors, Santa Cruz Vapes are great sized vaporizer pens that fit comfortably in your pocket.  These pens are perfect for smoking concentrates on the go without the strong, lingering scent of cannabis left on your clothes or hair.  The pen includes a double titanium medical grade heating coil, which is preferred over stainless steel coils and wicks.  The Santa Cruz Vape heating coil actually gives you more surface area to place your concentrates while also allowing you to evenly smoke your concentrates.  

The battery on this new pen is absolutely amazing!  Santa Cruz Vapes are guaranteed to last for at least 20 puffs a day!  To play it safe, we put ours on the charger every night after using.  You will always know the battery life by looking at the illuminated ring around the power button.  Another plus: you can charge and vape at the same time!

The single owner of Cruz Culture has identified the common problems with the vape pens on the market and is here to provide the cannabis community with a durable and discreet apparatus for smoking concentrates while simultaneously doing your everyday activities.  Vape pens have developed the reputation of being a high priced purchase for short time use.  Santa Cruz Vapes, however, are designed to be a satisfied long-lasting investment that you will enjoy and sometimes prefer using over any other method of smoking concentrates.  Cruz Culture also provides accessory pieces if you should ever need to replace a part of your pen without purchasing a new one.  

Check out the variety of colors and products that Cruz Culture has to offer and pick up your Santa Cruz Bulletproof Vape today!