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For those herbalists who love to get cross faded, drinking while smoking, Get Schnockered™ has released the genius gravity bong, the Sh*t Canned™!  This device is made for those who can handle shot gunning a full can of beer, then taking a hit of marijuana immediately afterwards.  This is an awesome party device, a great activity for social settings.

President and founder, Nick Kenny Vice President, Charlie Thornblad, partnered to create an innovative partying novelty accessory brand.  The Utah based company focuses on college students and young adults as their target client base but has plans on becoming more than just an accessory brand.  Get Schnockered™ recently began releasing party apparel as well to expand their brand.

The Higher Content was introduced to the Sh*t Canned™ at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver 2015.  The concept of the device makes using a gravity bong easier, at least after a few tries for us.  When using the Sh*t Canned™, it is best to have another person hold the beer can straight up so that the bowl and slider is always in an upright position.  It may also be easier to have another person light the bowl for the user.  The bowl is easily fitted around the top of a beer can and is operated the same way you would do a regular gravity bong.  

The first few tries were messy for The Higher Content, which is why we recommend having someone on standby to make sure there are no spills.  Also, keep in mind that you are mixing marijuana with alcohol, so the outcome of your high will be more intense.  Always use the Sh*t Canned™ in a safe environment.

If you like to party and get cross faded, we recommend you try Get Schnockered's Sh*t Canned™.   Check out the Get Schnockered™ website and purchase your Sh*t Canned™ and many more party accessories!