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T. Ras Rolling Co.



A  new yet vintage way to smoke has hit the cannabis community and herbalists have taken a liking to using corn husks over rolling papers or blunt wraps.  T. Ras Rolling Co. has introduced new age herbalists to a throwback style of rolling marijuana.  The Brooklyn, NY based company distributes 100% natural corn husks, trimmed and packaged perfectly purposely for h cannabis smokers.  These unbleached, untreated and unprocessed wraps are a must try for all herbalists!

The idea for T. Ras Rolling Co. was birthed from a family member named Rasta, who habitually smoked his cannabis out of corn husks.  The name "T. Ras" is a pun of the name Rasta, which the family commonly shortens to "Ras."  On 4/20/2015, the company launched with an introductory Limited Edition Release in collaboration with the underground New York label BWOOD‘s Space Dogg collection.  The brand is designed for all herbalists 18 years and older who are looking to enhance their smoking experience.

T. Ras Rolling Co. corn wraps provide a smooth, slow burn each and every time.  The wraps have minimal to no taste, allowing you to enjoy and actually taste your cannabis.  Rolling papers try to reduce as much additives as possible but there is nothing better than an all natural wrap that comes from corn!  These wraps are all natural, unlike blunt wraps and rolling papers that are processed and treated before put on the market.  

Each purchase includes 5 corn wraps with all of the necessities to roll your cannabis.  The corn wrap must be moist before rolling.  Since it is dry when it is removed from the packaging, T. Ras Rolling Co. includes a small spray bottle of water to use when rolling to avoid cracking the corn wrap.  The package also includes all natural rolling tips to filter your smoke as well as a vegetable glue that can be used to seal the corn husk.

For those advanced herbalists who love twaxing their joints or blunts, T. Ras Rolling Co. corn husks are perfect for twaxing.  Instead of dripping down the corn husk like the oil does on a paper or blunt wrap, the wax will absorb into the corn husk, providing minimal drip and allowing you to smoke all of your cannabis and concentrates.

If you like experimenting with different roll ups, smoking the 100% all natural way is a recommended experience.  These corn wraps have been populating the cannabis community with herbalists giving rave reviews of T. Ras Rolling Co.  Head over to the T. Ras Rolling Co website and purchase your corn wraps today!