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The Budtender's Bible


Looking to become a Budtender in a marijuana dispensary?  As MMJ collectives continuously pop up nationwide, the opportunities for employment in the marijuana industry skyrocket as well.  There are many positions within a dispensary, however, the author of the Budtender's Bible have cumulated his experiences and knowledge working at the well known GrassRoots Dispensary in San Francisco, California to create a guide to being the perfect Budtender employee.

First released in GrassRoots Dispensary, the Budtender's Bible saw major success.  "Since there are currently no standards for Customer Service in the Cannabis Industry, I felt that this information was not only helpful-it was necessary," says Jumoke Walden, author of the Budtender's Bible.  Walden was given the responsibility to create a Training Manual for new employees at GrassRoots, which received such great feedback that it urged him to share his manual with others who may not have the ability to purchase it from the dispensary.  Budtender's Bible is listed on iTunes for 99 cents and is available to anyone with the iBooks application.


Walden and a former co-worker turned business partner then formed JM Consulting & Publishing, which published Volume I of the Budtender's Bible.  The company is looking forward to expanding their distribution to states like Oregon, Colorado and Washington.  In addition to publishing Budtender Training Manuals, JM Consulting & Publishing also provides staff training and training manual writing services as well as provide trimming crews for their harvests.  

The Budtender's Bible is a great investment for those planning on applying to or already working as a Budtender.  The twenty page manual is reasonably priced and includes brief descriptions on employee etiquette, guidelines and advice.  Purchase your Budtender's Bible on iTunes or on their website today!