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The Cigar Pipe



Who wants to smoke their high grade out of a pipe that resembles a cigarette?  Sure, it's discreet and could fool someone from a distance as long as they don't smell the smoke but not the ideal type of smoke to an herbalist.  The creators of the Cigar Pipe designed a cool way to hit your high grade.  In January of 2014, the partners of the Oregon based company began to distribute their ceramic pipe that is designed to look like a cigar.

When you smoke your trees from a cigar pipe, not only do you look like you're smoking a cigar, but you also look like you have excellent taste.  Any and everyone can find a cigarette pipe - they're in almost every gas station or smoke shop you go to!  Be the first of your friends to confuse others around you by smoking herb out of a Cigar Pipe.

The Cigar Pipe is the perfect pocket pipe for traveling.  If you want to fool people while at a public event, pull out your cigar pipe and no one will look at you crazy for pulling your paraphernalia out in public.  The unique design actually allows the lit end to continue burning while you smoke, making it look like the burning end of the cigar.  Even if you're smoking the most potent green, the cigar pipe will never put out the flame.

Older males seem to take a liking to the cigar pipe but it was made for herbalists of all ages 18+.  Be on the lookout for the Cigar Pipe; they will be popping up in a smoke shop near you soon!  The company hopes to provide distributors all over the country with their pipes made of earthen clay.  They're pipes are waterproof and fit perfectly in your pocket. 

Need a new pipe to smoke your high grades out of?  Check out The Cigar Pipe and pick up yours today!