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The Dipstick



Dabbing can be an expensive hobby. With all of the accessories needed to take a dab - a rig, a dabber, carb cap and let's not forget the concentrates - it's understandable if not all herbalists have been so lucky to take part in the new trend in the cannabis community. The Dipstick, however, eliminates all of those necessities and allows herbalists to dab with just one device.  

Improve LLC created the Dipstick, an electronic vaporizer that allows you to dab on almost any surface. The small company based in Texas decided to become innovators of products that consumers will put to use. Similar to a vape pen, the Dipstick has a ceramic nail that heats to melt your concentrates.  The Dipstick, however, has a mouthpiece on the opposite end of the device so that you can smoke your concentrates off of any surface, rather than packing a couple of hits.  Dip your Dipstick in your favorite concentrates, whether in a silicone container, a piece of parchment paper - literally anywhere your meds lay, the Dipstick allows you to smoke without the use of any other dab tools.


It is unknown how hot the Dipstick temperature actually reaches however, it reaches a high enough temperature to smoke your concentrates.  After a few uses, you should be able to judge how hot or cool your like the Dipstick to be when using.  The Dipstick was designed to last a lifetime if used normally and does come with a 3 year manufacturer limited warranty against defect in craftsmanship.  Replacement pieces are available on their website.

The Dipstick is a great alternative to your average vape pen.  Rather that limiting yourself to a certain, small amount of concentrates to smoke, get yourself a Dipstick!  Perfect for events, dab sessions and concentrate lovers, the Dipstick is the best choice to dip in and dab out!