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The Grale



No more guessing!  The Grale is here to weigh what you smoke. This innovative grinder/scale is the perfect accessory for those who are "rolling with the big dogs," proving to herbalists everywhere that they roll the fattest joints or blunts. Even those who are curious about how much flowers they actually roll up when they smoke can find satisfaction in the digital screen displaying how many grams you've just crushed.  The Grale is the only grinder on the market that comes with an attached scale, two of a true herbalists basic necessities. 

True to its name, The Grale (grinder/scale) provides herbalists with an accurate weight of cannabis flowers after being crushed.  Blunt Ventures LLC is currently based out of Florida but will be moving their company operations to Denver, CO by early next year. The company creates and distributes The Grale to all herbalists who need both a grinder and a scale, with the curiosity of how fat (or not so fat) they really roll their joints/spliffs.  Blunt Ventures is solely operated, aligning itself to become one of the most forward thinking and innovative smoking accessory companies in the world - and we think he's making steps in the right direction. 


The Grale is probably one of the smartest grinder investments. Why? Because for around the same price as one of those "top-notch" grinders, you can get a grinder AND a scale! It may be a bit bulkier than you're used to but you have two accessories in one, which both function similarly to the pieces that come separately. The Grale has a four piece grinder with sharp teeth, a weighing chamber and a removable tray to easily grind, weigh and roll your flowers. 

Not only is The Grale a great investment price wise, it also has its benefits medically and recreationally as well as in culinary recipes and dispensary businesses. Medical marijuana patients have enhanced consumption awareness when medicating themselves by accurately weighing the proper dosage. Chefs can now be certain of the amount of cannabis used in their recipes more efficiently and dispensaries can accurately stuff/roll their pre-rolls. 


Along with your Grale purchase, you will receive a set of fingerhands to be used as a cleaning tool and a smoking buddy. They perfectly fit in any corner of The Grale, they're also great for hitting roaches. The Grale motto: "Grinders come with guitar picks, Grale's come with hands."

In store, The Grale will cost $90. However, on the Blunt Ventures website, you can get your Grale for $79.99 (plus shipping). Never wonder how much your joints/blunts weigh. Grind, weigh, store and pour with The Grale!