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The Happy Kit



The Happy Kit is an herbalists one stop shop!  While backpacking in India, the owner and creator of The Happy Kit noticed that people usually had a smoking kit of every essential they needed to smoke.  That's when a lightbulb went off and the idea for The Happy Kit was sparked! Who wouldn't love to get everything they needed in one place, at one time?

The Happy Kit  launched in October 2013 as a brand of quality cases that come with all your smoking accessories.  Inside the durable Happy Kit carrying case, you will find a pack of rolling papers and tips, an herb grinder, a glass pipe, a single drag pipe and a "cigarette" holder.  There is also a pocket to store a lighter as well as an extra pocket for another small object or bag of weed.  Based out of New York/New Jersey, The Happy Kit contains every herbalists necessities in one case for only $29.99.  

The purpose of this product is to provide herbalists with all of their needs at once at a cheaper price than it would be to buy them all separately.  Financially, herbalists know that smoking can hurt their pockets whether it comes down to buying cannabis or the necessities to smoke it.  The Happy Kit aims to eliminate the stress and hassle of finding and buying everything you need/want to get high with.  Purchase all of your cannabis needs in one spot with The Happy Kit.