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New York natives started releasing some dope herbalist apparel in 2008 and have since been providing the east coast with different tees of fire cannabis strains.  Tree Shurts caught the eyes of many New Yorkers in the Big Apple when they first hit the scene.  After realizing they could make their apparel better, the company had their official relaunch in 2009, continuing to serve the growing cannabis community with apparel to represent their passion.

The small team of creative designers in based out of Troy, NY.  Together, they began to "treeate" custom artwork to put on their Tree Shurts.  Recently, they have begun collaborating with different artists to contribute to each shurt for their third collective.  On each shurt, they include a hemp label with a number of authenticity and facts about the individual strains on the tees. 

 The team uses their own terminology for each step necessary to design and produce their apparel.  They "treeate," or get high and make art, for customers from all walks of life because they have come to discover that the cannabis community is full of diverse individuals.  They "blazestorm" to get "highdeas" for designs to put on their tee's.  Tree Shurts designs are reviewed and approved by a few critiques and each strain that is put on one of their shurts is extensively researched.  Each purchase comes packaged in a limited edition baggie and a few Tree Shurts stickers.

Along with providing fire apparel for the cannabis community, Tree Shurts aims to have their own Tree Shop in ten years.  At their shop, they hope to be able to grow their own exclusive trees and get back to their original idea of selling the actual strain with a Tree Shurt to match.  Until then, you can find Tree Shurts pop up shops all over the country!  

If you're looking for some dope east coast cannabis fashion, Tree Shurts is a company you should consider.  The chances of you rocking the same apparel as another herbalist are very slim since all of Tree Shurts apparel is limited edition.  Don't miss out on the exclusive inventory they're offering this month!  Get your Tree Shurts apparel today!