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Tired of going through countless glass bowls due to the fact that they chip, crack or break?  The most durable smoking pipe has finally hit the cannabis scene!  Unbreakabowl is the longest lasting smoking pipe that promises to be the last bowl you'll ever purchase. 

This stainless steel pipe was created by FourTwenty Industries, LLC twenty five years ago, but was recently launched as a product for sale last month.  The owner and inventor took a piece of scrap stainless steel metal and formed it into a pipe, drilling holes in the appropriate places to make it function as a marijuana bowl.  "That pipe lasted me fifteen years until it tragically met its fate in the bottom of a port-o-potty while I was tailgating at a football game," owner Dave stated.

FourTwenty Industries, LLC was created in his garage earlier this year and is solely operated out of Connecticut.  The Unbreakabowl is now made with aircraft quality stainless steel and is offered in three different sizes, with a fourth in the works.  Prices range from $40-80.  The company plans to release accessories in the future as well.  

Unbreakabowl's are not offered in different designs, which may be a deciding factor in purchasing a new cannabis piece.  The piece is not made to be shown off or used as a work of art, but moreso as a functional, indestructible marijuana piece.  It is also much heavier than the average bowl, which may be a reason not to carry it everywhere. 

The smoking experience with Unbreakabowl is enjoyable.  There is no residual taste when smoking out of the pipe, allowing you to really taste your cannabis.  Unbreakabowl is easy to clean, also.  No matter the temperature, environment, or height of a drop, the Unbreakabowl is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

The Unbreakabowl is not currently in retail stores however, it is in the process of being shopped around at different smoke shops in Connecticut.  For any other herbalists interested in purchasing an Unbreakabowl, they are available online.  If you are looking for a guaranteed sustainable smoking piece that you will never have to replace (unless you lose it), the Unbreakabowl is a great choice.