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Every herbalist has been in a situation where they had to keep their smoking habit discreet.  Whether in a public setting or around people who don't agree with smoking, cannabis unfortunately still has not become a fully socially acceptable plant.  The innovators at Vaprwear have designed and created the genius apparel that will safely hide your smoking apparatus and allow you to discreetly smoke through your clothes!

The idea for the Vaprwear hoodie was 'sparked' when the owner realized the flaws in another similar product.  Recognizing that the cannabis industry was in need of a safe smoking apparel, the Vaprwear brand was born on 4/20 of 2014 at the X Games in Aspen, Colorado.  To this day, the company sells hoodies, zip ups, hats, camel packs, sweaters.  Vaprwear is based in Denver, Colorado and very present on social media, connecting with herbalists nationwide.  

Vaprwear hoodies are perfect for concealing your vape pens while on the go.  The drawstring is actually a funnel in which one side connects to your vape pen and the other is the mouth piece.  Each drawstring has its own little pocket in the front of your hoodie to hide the vape pen and mouth piece.  When you take a hit, the smoke travels through the funnel, around your neck until it reaches the mouth piece.  Smoking from a Vaprwear hoodie will give you delayed smoke, since it travels further, so be conscious of how much you pull when you take a hit.  If you take a big, hard drag, the vapors will hit the back of pretty hard and fast.  Once you get the hang of using the Vaprwear hoodie, you will want to wear it everywhere!  Whenever you feel the desire to smoke, pull your vape pen from the tiny pocket in the front of your hoodie, take a few pulls and slip it back in the pocket.  

The Vaprwear product is sold online, through wholesale and their many reps.  Each item is reasonably priced anywhere from $100-$125 and made with excellent quality.  Vaprwear apparel does the job of keeping you warm and keeping you high! Checkout Vaprwear and get yourself some herbalist apparel today!