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Vibe Stix



This vape pen exudes good vibes; hense the name Vibe Stix.  This sleek, powerful pen works for dry herb, concentrates and eliquids.  The company launched in March of 2014 and sold out all of their products in just 3 days!  Vibe Stix is a hot commodity and we can tell you why!

Not only does this pen fit perfectly in your pocket, but you will get a huge hit out of this handheld vape pen.  Smoking concentrates from Vibe Stix will give you a high like you took a hit from a rig.  You may forget you have a bong because you'll get just as high smoking your high grade out of a Vibe Stix vape pen!  Headquartered in London, Vibe Stix assembles their products, using titanium coils and ceramic linings in their products.  Similar to if you were smoking out of a rig, a ceramic nail would be a popular recommendation to get the best hit.  The Vibe Stix nail is domeless so that when you take a hit, you can watch the chamber fill up with vapors and clear it like a bong or rig.

With every Vibe Stix purchase, customers receive a lifetime warranty for the battery and atomizers.  If a piece on your pen stops working, Vibe Stix will make sure that you're able to keep smoking.  The company has been successful in reaching their customer base in the United States and is hoping to broaden their clientele in the UK when medicinal and recreational marijuana use progresses.  If you're looking for a vape pen with multiple uses, that hits hard and comes with a lifetime warranty, get yourself a Vibe Stix vape pen!  Be on the look out for their new Reincarnated Vibe Stix which will come with upgraded atomizers, battery and design.