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With cannabis being the healthiest drug you can find, why taint your smoking experience by adding harmful toxins to your blunt or bong?  Using an average lighter adds hydrocarbons and flint residue to your marijuana, affecting the taste and burn.  The creators of Wicked Lighters lowered the combustion temperature of the standard lighter by hand-wrapping hemp wick around them, causing an increase in flavor, a smoother burn, and deeper inhales.

Wicked Lighters mission is to enrich your smoking experience with their lighters.  A husband and wife designed a brand of health conscious lighters after being enlightened to the benefits of hemp wick.  Many herbalists are unaware of the advantages of using hemp wick to light their cannabis.  Wicked Lighters aims to be the company that informs those who are oblivious to hemp wick lighting.  The difference between Wicked Lighters and other hemp wick lighting distributors is their original design of wrapping the hemp wick around the lighter.  Not only is it healthier to light anything with hemp wick, but it is also more convenient to light.  Light anything from a small joint, fat blunt, a bong or bowl!  Wicked Lighters is also a handy around the house lighter than can be used to light gas stoves, hard to reach candles and more!

Based in San Francisco, Wicked Lighters is fairly new to the industry but far from inexperienced.  As employees of a cannabis dispensary, they learned about hemp wick and also discovered that public was just as unaware as they were.  They began distributing Wicked Lighters on 4/20 of this year and have goals of adding more merchandise to their inventory that promote the health and purity of marijuana.  Pick yourself up some Wicked Lighters and stay high and healthy!