(Jul 2015) Blowin Trees & Pushin Tee's with @Dope_as_yola & @Stoner_dottie

 @Stoner_dottie and @Dope_as_yola

@Stoner_dottie and @Dope_as_yola

If you're an herbalist who expresses their love for cannabis through their apparel, you must already know about and possibly even have a few Push Trees t-shirts.  The owners and creators of the infamous canna-gear started out as average herbalists, getting high and having "high-larry-us" (hilarious) moments with each other and decided to turn a memorable play on words into a picture, which then eventually turned into the most well known cannabis clothing brand, Push Trees.  @Dope_as_yola and @Stoner_dottie are herbalists from California who have taken their passion for marijuana and used their creativity, talents and bright personalities to create a lifestyle brand for proud cannabis community members.  The herbalist couple has continuously provided smokers with unique graphics and excellent quality t-shirts, with plans to become the leading cannabis apparel supplier.

So, you're probably wondering how one of the most well known power couples in the cannabis community came to be, right?  @Stoner_dottie and @Dope_as_yola went to the same high school together in California but back then, acted as if they were strangers.  One day, when @Stoner_dottie was looking for some weed when her town was going through a "drought," she found out @Dope_as_yola knew where to get "the goods."  When she fell ill, @Dope_as_yola visited her to give her some things to make her feel better.  They spent hours watching thought provocative documentaries and debating each other, enjoying every minute of it.  @Stoner_dottie denied her feelings for a while until one day, when they experimented with "mollie," she finally admitted she had a thing @Dope_as_yola and since then, they've been inseparable. 

The herbalist couple was introduced to cannabis in their early teens.  Growing up in a Pentecostal church home, @Stoner_dottie was taught that "dope is bad".  When she was 14, a friend of hers took some weed from her sister and they smoked out of an apple for the first time.  @Dope_as_yola smoked for the first time on the night before Super Bowl XXVII when he was around 12-13 years old.  Since those young ages, they both are proud to say that they have never been in any trouble with the law in regards to marijuana. 

They began showcasing their passion for cannabis on Instagram three years ago.  Wondering how they chose their Instagram names?   @Stoner_dottie chose her name because she and and friend of hers decided to get a "stoner dot" on their left hands to symbolize that they are true herbalists.  "I just made it 'dottie' to sound girlie," she said.  @Dope_as_yola on the other hand told us, "it's a Mac Dre lyrics that I've been saying since I was 16," from the song "Andre n Andre."  

During their time posting on Instagram, the couple has gained nearly 300K followers between the two of them.  Their popularity and fame can be attributed to their continuous efforts to post funny, relatable pictures and videos amongst other things.  Together, @Stoner_dottie and @Dope_as_yola bring their favorite phrases and original ideas to life through Instagram. Whether they use toy figurines, herbal products or just weed and rolling papers, their creative ideas always keep the cannabis community entertained.  Their most infamous picture happened to become the logo for their well known company, Push Trees. 

Both @Stoner_dottie and @Dope_as_yola are medical marijuana patients in the state of California.  They admit that getting their cards was fairly easy because their medical history indicated that their health would benefit from medical marijuana.  @Dope_as_yola has had his medical marijuana card since he was 19 years old and even took @Stoner_dottie to get hers when she was 22 years old.  Both of their families know about their smoking habits and necessities and, for the most part, accept their cannabis use.

Like almost every herbalist, @Dope_as_yola and @Stoner_dottie have encountered negative commentary when it comes to their smoking habits and Instagram feeds.  With the abundance of success that they have seen with Push Trees, the negative feedback could get drowned out in the mass of complimenting comments they receive.  If possible, they try to refrain from responding to any haters, trolls or discouraging things that people may say.

Push Trees has opened many doors for the couple.  Since the launch in August 2014, @Dope_as_yola and @Stoner_dottie have travelled to many different cannabis events in the midwest and west coast.  At each event, the herbalists sell their shirts from their vending booth, meeting hundreds of fans and networking with various cannabis companies.  The connections they've built has helped them spread their brand nationwide; even into the hands of celebrities!  Rihanna liked @Dope_as_yola's picture of Hulk Hogan busting through hella nugs and they both have hung out with Dizzy Wright on a few occasions.

@Stoner_dottie and @Dope_as_yola are two of the most down to earth herbalists you will ever come across.  Their endless creativity is exemplified in every aspect of their work.  These two Cali natives are the epitome of ganjaprenuers who took their passion for cannabis and turned it into a business that is effortlessly and entertainingly profitable.  They continue to strive to design some of the most popular t-shirts, hats and hoodies for men and will soon be expanding their brand by adding a women's Push Trees line as well.  Everyone's favorite herbalist couple has made an impact on the marijuana industry with their outgoing and welcoming personalities and their dope clothing brand.  Keep an eye out for what @Stoner_dottie and @Dope_as_yola have in store next!