(Nov 2015) Breakin Nuggz with Bobby


From writing about cannabis to organizing groundbreaking marijuana events, Bobby Nuggz is the true definition of a ganjapreneur.  Referred to as Robert DiVincenzo in his early writing, the Rhode Island native began his career in late 2008 and has since done remarkable work in various fields of the industry.  He has travelled the country to work in states that have already legalized yet, he recognized the need for cannabis activists and decided to lead the East Coast movement.  An educated individual with a wide network of herbalists, Bobby Nuggz is a prestigious cannabis activist, journalist and event coordinator making major moves for the East Coast cannabis community.

Nuggz grew up around family members who grew and advocated for cannabis.  For his first time, he smoked some pre 2004 Purple Haze with some friends. "This was by far some of the best nugget you could find around the North East at the time. It made me trip! Literally," he said.  His first experience with cannabis was pleasant which led him to continue smoking and learning more about the plant.  It wasn't until he hit a rough patch in his life when an old friend of his gave him some LSD that he decided to get back into writing.  "I was ressurected and began to finally find myself and what i really wanted to do.  Three months after being given that lsd, i started writing for my first publication out of Encino, CA called Cannabis Times Magazine," he told us.

His first written submission was denied however, it only made Nuggz more determined.  "The next piece i did for them was by chance, and perhaps destined, as their head writer at the time, Andrew Wanca, asked me to take his place on staff so he could take care of his family."  Becoming the head writer of Cannabis Times was only the beginning for Bobby.  He then went on to writing for a medical cannabis based handbook and music festival guide called Far Out Magazine, which no longer publishes but is the reason for Bobby connecting with "The King of Pot."  "My mentor, The King of Pot is someone i really adored, he passed away from a heart attack in Oct. 2013," he told us.  After that, he reached out to ReLeaf Magazine and has since been published in over 54 issues with over 70 different articles, reviews and interviews.  In 2013, he was given the position of Head Writer, writing cover stories and features for Rick Simpson, Slightly Stoopid, Darby Holm and more.

"Bubble hash and rosin are my favorite extracts!" he says.  "In 2011, I was given a set of bubble bags and a hash washing machine from a very dear friend. I spent a whole summer in a basement practicing and was entirely fascinated by the technique and hard work it takes to make ice water hash."  His desire to learn and practice cannabis extracting has led him to many opportunities to expand his knowledge and improve his craft.  When a friend, who happened to be an extractor with a degree in bio chemistry, visited the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Nuggz learned different methods of purging, pouring, etc. which in turn gave them the confidence to enter their first competition, The Canna Carnival in Maine.

Big D. of Topshelf Extracts recognized that the event was rigged and convinced those who were gipped to participate in The Secret Cup finals 2013 in Denver, CO.  Nuggz and his team won connosseiurs choice with our Vancouver Island Haze sap and Bobby was also presented the opportunity to become the regional coordinator for the first Secret Cup Beast Coast in 2014.  The Beast Coast Secret Cup 2014 had great success, with over 1300 people in attendance.  "Our winners of that event have gone on to place at national regionals and other competitions as well."  Currently, Bobby Nuggz is a proud affiliate of West Coast Cure/Bhomb, Bubbleman, Treesap Concentrates, Topshelf Extracts, Fresh off the Bud Extractions, Diesel Extracts and Elephant/Sweetleaf.

Bobby Nuggz has a great deal of experience in cannabis and event coordinating.  Along with the Secret Cup, Bobby has coordinated events such as SLABBQ and The Winter Meltdown and founded the annual Ghouls & Goblins Hallow's Eve event.  He is also the facilitator, moderator and organizer of the cannabis extractions educational seminar "Focused Concentration."  Admirably, Bobby said, "With all of these recent raids on cannabis extractors in the North East i figured it was vital to bring some education into the mix and less competitiveness." 


"My 'Focused Concentration' seminar was a educational panel discussion to help people learn safety regulations and tips redarding hydrocarben extractions and the teachings of solventless extraction methods to potentially replace solvents," Bobby explained.  "Each panel discussion was an hour and a half long, one on solvent based extractions and the other on solventless."  His panels are beneficial for cannabis extractors all over the country, with proud origin from the East Coast.  The seminar sold out to 100 medical marijuana patients who were able to medicate while learning from award winning extractors, college professors, activists and cultural icons.  

During his time in the marijuana industry, Bobby Nuggz has had the chance to meet some well known herbalists that have changed his life for the better.  He referred to meeting Cheech Marin  on 4/20 at the Grassroots Breakroom in California as "one of the coolest experiences of my adult life," as he was able to chat and dab with him.  "Cheech and Chong are a not just a part of cannabis history, they are a part of American history and it is hard for me to express my grattitude. It humbled me."  He also appreciates meeting B-Real of Cypress Hill and Action Bronson.  "Meeting B-Real of Cypress Hill and getting to hang out with him personally was one of the realest few hours of my existence," he recalls.  

Bobby Nuggz is an individual who has discovered his niche in this huge cannabis industry.  As a published writer, an accredited extractor and exceptional event coordinator, Nuggz has done spectacular things for the East Coast cannabis community.  Bobby Nuggz can be attributed to informing New England about concentrates and creating the dab trend for the (B)East Coast.  "The cannabis movement has been a savior for me, the least i can do is continue to stand up for this cause while they still really need me!"