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(Dec 2015) CannAlchemy with Boondock Alchemist

The East Coast may just be warming up to the idea of "dabbing," with new herbalists regularly converting their smoking habits from rolling up to getting dabbed out.  With the many varieties of concentrates, glass and vaporizers out there, cannabis connoisseurs residing on the east have been dying to get their hands on some top shelf meds that have been seemingly inaccessible.  As the cannabis community rapidly grows across the country and marijuana businesses pop up daily, the Boondock Alchemist stepped on the scene and shut the East Coast concentrate competition down! 

The Massachusetts native was introduced to cannabis by his parents, which may be unbeknownst to them. "My father always had a plant or two growing," he says. "The smell was intriguing and wonderful." His first experience smoking was just as pleasant, getting high on Northern Lights and munching on everything in his refrigerator. His great experiences with cannabis have led him to pursue a career which began with guerilla growing (growing secretly in an outdoor garden that is not your own) and then evolved into cannabis extraction.  Boondock Alchemist has always been self taught, learning and growing (pun intended) through experiments and experience. He does find inspiration in ganjapreneurs such as Jorge Cervantes, Subcool, Cuban Grower, Ed Rosenthal, and Bubbleman. 

So how did he get the name Boondock Alchemist?  One day, he and a friend 'sparked' the idea. "It fit perfectly. I lived in the boondocks and alchemist means mixer." And along with the perfect name came the perfect products. Boondock Alchemist began distributing his concentrates in July 2013, with an impressive line-up of butane hash oil, rosin, drysift and bubble hash. He dedicates his days to making the best quality concentrates made from top shelf meds. To this day, the Alchemist has heard nothing but positive feedback about his concentrates. 

Boondock Alchemist has networked and made a variety of relationships with prominent extractors and growers, some of which have helped him attain his success. He has connected and became close friends with @mass_genetics as well as done some extracting for Hitman Farms. He considers his relationship with @mass_genetics as the "best thing that has ever happened to me. He's become my best friend and partner. We both believed in eachother and we wouldn't be the same apart." His extracting skills and connections in the northeast have also allowed him to do some extracting for Hitman Farms, another Massachusetts born extracting company. Boondock Alchemist has also established relationships with @somethingbetterconcentrateco and @beastcoastbacon


Boondock Alchemist has taken his concentrates to cannabis competitions such as HighTimes, Chalice, the Beast Coast Secret Cup. His products have won prizes, including 1st place solventless extract at HighTimes World Cup and 2nd place shatter at Chalice. Along with growing and cannabis extracting, Boondock Alchemist has also created Sizzderp, a THC infused syrup.  

Boondock Alchemist concentrates are not currently on the shelves of dispensaries or collective due to the current marijuana laws in Massachusetts. However, the state is in the works of creating a marijuana program that will allow the purchase and use of cannabis. With that in perspective, Boondock Alchemist plans on seeing @mass_genetics and his products on every shelf in the next five years. As the East Coast rises in the cannabis community, Boondock Alchemist is on his way to becoming one of the prominent extractors originating from the Northeast Beast Coast. 


(Dec 2105) CannAlchemy with Boondock Alchemist