(Jun 2015) Meducated with the Pot Brothers @ Law

After a busy month of visiting marijuana events and fighting court cases, the Pot Brothers at Law generously reached out for an informative follow up interview.  We were pleased to learn that the brothers are continuing their efforts in spreading knowledge to the cannabis community about their interactions with the police.  Craig and Marc Wasserman have been attending various events in California, including the most recent HighTimes Cannabis Cup in San Francisco, to share  legal advice with herbalists like you.

The brothers were excited to share that they were able to get on the stage in Vader Village at the Cannabis Cup this past month to share their reputable "Tip of the Day" with all those who gathered around.  They were pleasantly surprised to hear testimonials from the many cup-goers about how their advice helped others get through encounters with authorities.  Pot Brothers at Law had a very eventful day at the NorCal HighTimes Cannabis Cup, talking with visitors and collectives who found great value in the legal advice they were given as raids have become more common in the state or California just before the strong possibility of marijuana becoming legal in 2016.

 The Wasserman Bros. @ The NorCal HighTimes Cannabis Cup

The Wasserman Bros. @ The NorCal HighTimes Cannabis Cup

Along with socializing and networking, Craig Wasserman took to the stage to present a very motivational, inspirational and straight to the point slam poem entitled, 'Am I Being Detained, Or Am I Free To Go?'  The poem was cleverly written with key information for herbalists to remember in case they ever have to interact with a police officer.  Craig energetically and passionately preached to the crowd around the stage as he explained the emotions, thoughts, and reasoning for both the officer's and your actions when under the influence of marijuana.  

When we heard about this brilliant poem, we were disappointed to have missed such a great performance and speech.  Lucky for us, we called the Pot Brothers at Law and were treated to an exclusive over the phone performance of 'Am I Being Detained, Or Am I Free To Go?', a slam poem by the Pot Brothers at Law.  If you missed out on the performance of their genius poem at the NorCal HighTimes Cannabis Cup, enjoy it here!  

We want to congratulate the Wasserman brothers on their achieved success, in and out of the court room, and also to thank them for their outstanding service to the cannabis community.