F*ck It! GoGreene! with Charlo Greene


You may have heard about the Alaskan news reporter who made headlines last year for quitting her broadcasting job on live television, concluding her final news segment by saying, "Fuck it, I quit!" But have you heard of the immense list of things she's accomplished as a marijuana activist in the cannabis community?  Charlo Greene has been a phenomenal influence and advocate, spreading her efforts to legalize from Alaska to the rest of the country.  As a the founder and CEO of both the Alaska Cannabis Club and GoGreene, Charlo is an admirable ganjaprenuer and marijuana activist, loved and respected by the cannabis community.

Charlo Greene grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, where drinking and alcohol abuse was extremely common.  She first tried cannabis around the age of 15-16 years old, but found that it was too strong for her to handle and she found herself falling into the trend of alcohol abuse for many years.  "One of my best friends encouraged me to choose cannabis over alcohol when I was about 21 years old and I went from failing out of every class in college to staying on the Dean's List every semester," she tells us.  "I graduated cum laude and became a news anchor. And that's all because of cannabis."  Charlo confessed to being a closet smoker during college and while working as a news anchor in West Virginia, smoking nightly and refraining from allowing her habit affect her journalism career.  She was then offered a position for the CBS affiliate, KTVA in Anchorage, Alaska, which presented her with the opportunity to return to her hometown and continue to pursue her career.


Charlo Greene obtained the position as the Crime and Courts Reporter, which at the time included reporting about cannabis.  "It was fate that everything played out the way it had and the fact that cannabis had saved my life, personally, and here I am, working this feed and cannabis is thrown into my lap," she says about transitioning into her new position at KTVA.  She maintained her professionalism at work.  Although she had an extreme passion cannabis, she kept her personal opinions on the back burner and focused on the story at hand, as all journalists should.

Her position at KTVA was only a stepping stone to the momentous career path Charlo began to lay for herself.  As the founder and CEO of the Alaska Cannabis Club, she knew that one day she would be forced to resign from her position at the Alaska news station.  While building her private organization with a few people who vowed to maintain confidentiality, Greene received a phone call from the Alaska Dispatch News, saying they were going to run a story about marijuana and requested comments from the Alaska Cannabis Club.  The Alaska Dispatch News also agreed to keeping Charlo's identity a secret due to her presence on KTVA.


Charlo's identity remained a secret until she was ready to expose herself.  It was then that her club sent an eye-catching press release to her boss entitled "Alaskan's With Common Sense Call Bullshit On The 1-2 Campaign."  She was then assigned the story, in which she interviewed Solomon Nashookpuk, who at the time was battling testicular cancer and agreed to exclude the fact that she was his cannabis caregiver.  When the story aired, she read from the teleprompter and proceeded to speak from her heart.  She confessed to being the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, that she would be dedicating her life to cannabis and, her end all statement: "Fuck it, I quit!"

And she didn't stop there!  After her news segment went viral and had the country talking about the "'Fuck it, I quit!' girl," Charlo says there were so many people who wanted to get involved.  After recommending that many join their local NORML or WomenGrow chapter, she decided to start own movement to spread awareness about legalization.  GoGreene provides a community of people who are willing to stand up for their rights within a network of empowering individuals fighting for the same cause.  "Greene stands for 'Grass Roots Evolution through Education Networking Empowerment'... For what we're trying to do, reaching out to communities of color making sure that communities that have been harmed by cannabis prohibition are healed with these new opportunities," she says.

The movement is really, really white. The community is so diverse. I feel, being an activist, that we as people of color don't feel like we're being invited in after being harmed by prohibition for so many years and so devastatingly.  It's not enough to post that you're having a group meeting and whoever wants to come can come.  It takes one of us to say 'Hey, come along with me.'

Charlo was always surrounded by a strong support system, including her friends and family.  All being cannabis consumers, her loved ones moved from all over the country to Alaska to help her establish the Alaska Cannabis Club. Since 4/20/2014, the club has done various educational seminars, meet and greet's with those suffering from life threatening diseases, and also entertainment events like Speed Weed Dating. "There are so many different things you can do with cannabis and that's what we're trying to show with the club," she says. 

Charlo has played a major role in the legalization of cannabis in Alaska - and she's also had run in's with the feds.  Though cannabis is legal according to the state of Alaska, according to federal law, it's still illegal.  The month after cannabis was legalized, she was raided by the feds utilizing the previous state laws.  Currently, she is undergoing a lawsuit against the state, where all updates can be found on her website.  In the meantime, she will not let them slow her down.  Charlo is hosting a series of GoGreene launch events across the country in cities like Phoenix, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Baltimore and more.  "We're looking for people that are ready and willing to lead."


Charlo Greene is a female force in the cannabis community, demanding change and providing herbalists with a network of other empowering, motivational and educated activists and enthusiasts.  Her efforts have far exceeded the state of Alaska and have reached countless cities and states throughout the country.  Charlo welcomes all Alaskan's, age 21 and over, who advocate for cannabis to apply to the Alaska Cannabis Club.  For those outside of Alaska, the GoGreene organization is an international organization, accepting applications for chapter's in cities across the country.  


Stay updated on Charlo Greene!  Check out CharloGreene.com and GoGreene.org for the latest news and updates.