(May 2015) Get Concentrated With Mr. Extractor

Since concentrated cannabis was introduced to the community, almost every herbalist can claim they've either wanted to try dabbing or already has. Whatever the case, dabbing has become a beloved form of getting high to herbalists in the cannabis community.  However, along with its premature introduction came extractors who claim to know what they're doing yet produce unhealthy concentrates in unsafe circumstances. The creators of the smallest, fastest extraction machine, Mr. Extractor, have done years of experimenting with the production of concentrates to ultimately innovate a safe and reliable cannabis extractor. 

Connoissuer Concentrates created Mr. Extractor and has gone through a nearly six year long design and production process before their first initial sale.  The owner learned about concentrates back in 1993 and decided to personally expand his education on the new craze because he was fascinated by the chemistry of it.  With no formal science education, the 15 year old high school graduate began experimenting with active systems but noticed many flaws.  Active systems, he noticed, worked with high pressures that he was not comfortable with and would create a nasty "blue sludge" that contained a mixture of THC and butane.  When he realized that many extraction artists were producing concentrates this way, he was even more determined to create a safe and healthy extraction machine.  To him, the extraction process is common sense and he has not once experienced a close call with potential safety hazards.

After years of trial and error, Andrew Jones has created Mr. Extractor with the support of an excellent manufacturer out of his own pocket.  He has discovered that if you have a scientific theory, many people are willing to share ideas and concepts.  Jones has grown an extensive network of innovators and influencers who truly believe in his product because they have witnessed the process and the competition.  His idea has slowly taken off over the past few years, though he admits it probably would have been released sooner if he had an office and staff to assist him.  His goal is to continue to evolve Mr. Extractor by striving to reach a level of high-tech purification of different plant materials.  

Mr. Extractor is not consumer specific as long as the device is being sold to a responsible party who is 18 years or older.  The perfect environment to use Mr. Extractor would be in a factory - not in a backyard or garage.  Jones believes that if someone is claiming to be creating a medicine should be doing so in a factory.  Those who buy Mr. Extractor should have a good understanding of the principals of science and safety procedures before using as well as reading their instruction manual.  Operators of the device should be fully aware of their mental state before using Mr. Extractor because it is a scientific process that requires both common sense and research.

Snoops Mr.Extractor 8 oz.jpg

Andrew Jones has created a liquid butane extract device with three chambers to create cannabis concentrates.  The upper chamber stores the liquid butane, the second holds the cannabis flower and the third is an evaporation chamber.  The liquid butane is drained through the flower to form the extraction.  All of the oils and butane will strain to the lower chamber, where warm water is added.  The butane then evaporates to the top due to the heat and leaves all the essential oils behind.  The quick process can take as short as 30 minutes to create concentrates and uses very simple principles.

Currently, Mr. Extractor is sold as an 8 ounce device.  With the demand for both a bigger machine as well as a smaller, more cost efficient one, the company is considering creating a two or four ounce machine as well as a one pound machine.  They have also designed a five pound device which has an impressive recovery time of 60 minutes for such a large amount.  Mr. Extractor is a big yet beneficial investment, with the larger units costing up to $20-25,000.  Along with your purchase, you will receive a warranty on the moving parts, such as the gauges and valves.  Personal property damage, such as broken glass, is not covered under a Mr. Extractor warranty.

Connoissuer Concentrates has coined the name Thermoflux technology, which is a system built on using cryogenic fluids.  The company has found that the correct use of these fluids has rapidly sped up the recovery time of their solvents.  With such a wide range of cryogenic fluids available, Jones finds it strange that other companies do not desire to use them.  However, Connoissuer Concentrates has created a few different specific cryofluids and bases their production on Thermoflux technology. 

By bouncing ideas off of others, Andrew Jones has been able to continue to educate himself and improve Mr. Extractor to the successful selling point he has reached today.  He has caught the attention of some huge companies, gaining complete financial backing by major corporations and manufacturers.  Mr. Extractor will be reviewed by a room full of pHd scholars to dissect the machine with the manufacture to create blueprints for mass production.  Within the next five years, Jones see's Mr. Extractor doing big things being that there is extreme room for advancement with high demand and popularity.  All individuals involved in backing Mr. Extractor are impressively smart, very well funded and 100% in support of the product.

Unfortunately, Andrew feels that along with the success of cannabis concentrate extraction will come government regulation, and eventually be forbidden to the general population.  He predicts the government will realize that there is money in this industry and restrict it to large companies.  On the bright side, Connoissuer Concentrates has not experienced any legal trouble as they have been trying to do everything professionally with qualified affiliates.  Commendably, Connoissuer Concentrates is the first and only company who has filed for patents on their products, which is concerning.  Every aspect of Mr. Extractor is patent pending.

Some may have heard about Mr. Extractor, others may have not.  Andrew Jones is fully aware of that he is does not have much marketing experience and knowledge and is more focused on trial and error at this point.  Primarily, Mr. Extractor is advertised on Facebook at this point, with global interactions with social media users to inquire about the product and potentially purchase.  Reputably, Snoop Dogg was the first person to ever be presented with a Mr. Extractor device at the 2014 X Games in Aspen, Colorado.  Though the company may come off abrupt, Andrew advises the goal is to represent a user and the not the device.  Mr. Extractor is a fast and easy product to use however, it is more focused on the quality of the end product, not the speed or simplicity.  Connoissuer Concentrates ensures that your concentrates will be produced in the right way every time.  There is a limited supply of Mr. Extractor at the moment because the company is focused on creating excellent products rather than mass production.

To see more videos or purchase Mr. Extractor, visit their website today!  A big investment any true herbalist won't regret, Mr. Extractor is the choice cannabis concentrate extraction device.