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Lil Debbie Steady Cakin'

The name "Lil Debbie" rings bells when it comes to her west coast hip hop bangers. The Bay Area native has been spreading her love for cannabis through her music and is now taking a leap into the marijuana industry as an idolized female ganjaprenuer. With a large worldwide fan base of herbalists, Lil Debbie keeps herbalists across the country anticipated for her new music and her cannabis brand, Cakes.  As an inspiration to female herbalists and potential ganjaprenuers, Lil Debbie is taking the cannabis industry by storm!

Growing up in the Emerald Triangle, it's no surprise that Lil Debbie started smoking with her girlfriends in junior high school.  "I've been getting high for so long, I can't remember the first time I got high unfortunately," she tells us. The hip hop superstar used to be a blunt smoker who preferred Swisher Sweets but now chooses Raws over anything to avoid consuming tobacco. However, "I will hit a backwood that is passed to me," she admits. 

Lil Debbie began her music career in 2012 and has advocated for cannabis in her songs since day one. As a young female rap artist, it may be tough for most to make their way to the top. Quite the contrary, Lil Debbie has dominated the west coast female rap game, making a major name for herself and a her marijuana music. She feels her music showcases marijuana in a positive light and her references to smoking do not affect her career in a bad way. "If anything, I hope that I'm just educating people on the use of marijuana and how to be a successful, educated, responsible stoner," she tells us. 

Over the years, she hasn't been able to choose a favorite strain but she does prefer indicas and changes flowers every time she visits her choice dispensary. She also enjoys concentrates. Her frequent marijuana use, at least 2-3 joints per hour everyday, led her to creating her own strain of flowers and live resin called Cakes

She's no stranger to edibles, either.  Lil Debbie was first introduced to a cannabis infused brownie when she was in the 8th grade.  Her passion for cannabis keeps her creative juices flowing, giving her the genius idea of creating a cannabis edible line as well. Cakes is also the name of her cannabis edible line of THC infused cream-stuffed twinkles covered in "bomb" frosting and cake bites.  "You'll be able to eat my product and still go about your day," she say. "It's all natural and made with high grade, lab tested products."  She continues to educate herself, stating, "As of right now, I'm heavily looking into the CBD part of cannabis."  Cakes also has sells a CBD infused facial mask. "We'll see where this takes me!"

Cakes is founded by Lil Debbie and ran by a small team of individuals who handle her edibles, live resin and growing.  Lil Debbie prides her company on the quality of her products and the genuine people she has helping her create them.  Her edibles have only been available at events such as the High Times Cannabis Cup.  Her products will be available in California dispensaries beginning November 11, 2016.

"I'm so passionate about cannabis because I've been smoking it for so long," she says. "I know what it feels like for peeople to think you're a lazy stoner. But you prove them wrong, and then you're this dope, responsible, successful, educated, smart coherent smoker and you blow their mind. On top of that, I do truly believe in the affects it has on our health, from mental to physical help!" 

Currently, Lil Debbie is not a medical marijuana patient but has plans on becoming one by the end of November. Her family has been supportive of her smoking because she has been a responsible herbalist for such a long time. "I've always had a passion for it [cannabis]. I love it, I buy it, I invest in the culture; I support it. I always will and have," she tells us. 

As a prevalent face in the cannabis community, Lil Debbie has shown her support for marijuana through her attendance at cannabis events, rally and meetings.  "I will always be active and supporting in some way," she says.  Her advice to herbalists and ganjaprenuers: "Look into what you are smoking.  Be safe, and be nice to everyone.  It doesn't hurt!"

Lil Debbie is more than just hip hop superstar.  Her beauty has graced the covers of many magazines but she is more than just a pretty face that smokes weed.  Lil Debbie is a go-getting, multi-talented cannabis advocate and ganjapreneur.  She is sending shockwaves all over the world with her west coast style and her ganjapreneurial moves. 


Lil Debbie Steady Cakin’