(Oct 2015) Suds with the Buds - @BudSuds

Who would've thought that hemp would be so good for your skin? BudSuds is the original and the BEST cannabis soap dealer on the market.  The New England based company is owned by two cannabis connoisseurs who know their stuff when it comes to weed and topicals. BudSuds has a remarkable line of various scented soaps, bath salts, Chakra Bath Bombs and lotions, all including either hemp or CBD oil to aid skin conditions and muscle relaxation. As two ganjapreneurs who are not only passionate about skin care but also the use of the properties of cannabis, BudSuds is the most highly recommended soap dealer in the cannabis industry. 

 Grapefruit BudSuds in the making.

Grapefruit BudSuds in the making.

The licensed skin therapist and her husband decided to start creating soaps using hemp oil and other natural ingredients in March 2014.  With the realization of the miracles that cannabis can do not only for serious health conditions but for the skin as well, the couple decided to become the originators of canna-skin care.  Their presence in the cannabis community has been welcomed and well received by herbalists nationwide, with their Instagram following growing to nearly 40K in a little over a year.  Their combination of natural ingredients results in a wide variety of delicious smelling soaps.

Do their soaps get you high you may ask?  Unfortunately no, however, BudSuds CBD bars give your body a relaxing feeling after you shower because of the healing effects of the cannabis property CBD.  Their Chakra Bath Bombs also provide a relaxed body aftermath, with each color chakra stone healing different chakra points of your body.  BudSuds products are more catered to the healing aspect of the cannabis plant rather than the element that gets you high.  "As an MMP (medical marijuana patient) myself, I found relief by using topicals," said Amanda, co-owner of BudSuds.  "I decided to incorporate cannabis into the products I was creating and prove that it treats, heals and provides outstanding benefits to our skin."

 A batch of Honey Oat & Lavender Soap

A batch of Honey Oat & Lavender Soap

Each batch of BudSuds is made with the finest all natural ingredients to assure that their product is safe and free of any hydrocarbon footprint yet, maintaining high medicinal value for relief and quality skin care.  A batch of BudSuds takes up to two hours to make but up to six weeks to cure.  BudSuds soaps can help with dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, scaring, acne, fungal infections and certain types of dermatitis.  Using ingredients such as hempseed oil, African Shea butter, theraputic grade essential oils and other natural herbs (just to name a few), the "canna-soapdealers" create a line of both medicated and non-medicated topicals.

Users of BudSuds range from those treating a variety of skin conditions to those looking for a safer alternative to store bought soaps.  With choices such as Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Chocolate and Mint, Grapefruit and all natural scented Honey, BudSuds is a great alternative to that soap you used to use.  Their best selling scents are Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint (Chocolate and Mint) and Lemon Kush.  Our favorite Soap Dealers also offer seasonal items like salt scrubs, salves, creams body oils and Chakra Bath Bombs.

The medicated line of BudSuds includes both THC and CBD.  "We started making highly medicated soaps and other products with THC in 2014 for MMP," Amanda said.  "We infuse our medicated products with high quality organic coconut and grape seed oil with cannabis."  For those who are concerned, BudSuds medicated soaps will not show up of drug tests.  It is a non-transdermal topical with no psychoactive effect meaning, it will heal your pain but not make you high.

Currently, BudSuds is sold on their website, @MissMaryJaneCo and @KingsOfKushCo.  @Xotic.delivery sells BudSuds medicated line for MMP's in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. They have also vended at events like the HighTimes Cannabis Cup in Michigan 2015, Boston Freedom Rally 2014-15, the New England Cannabis Convention (NECC) Rhode Island and Maine 2015, as well as Extravaganja 2015, Harry's Hill Harvest Festival 2014 and Harry's Hoe Down 2015.  You can find them at the upcoming Cannabis Allstars and Ghouls and Goblins in Rhode Island this month.

BudSuds is THE best, award winning cannabis Soap Dealer in the marijuana market.  They recently won second place best topical at the HighTimes Cannabis Cup in Michigan.  The company has goals of creating new products and working with compassion centers in the coming year.  The licensed esthetician and her husband have received a massive amount of positive feedback on their medicated soaps for pain relief and skin discomfort, encouraging them to continue following their passion for canna-skin therapy.

If you're an herbalist and haven't tried BudSuds yet, we don't know what you're waiting for.  BudSuds happens to be one of the first few herbal products that The Higher Content had the honor of reviewing and has since then became a constant provider of the best cannabis and hemp infused soaps.  As close friends of ours, we are pleased to honor BudSuds as our October Honored Herbalists.