(Jan 2015) In The Mix With Dr. Dina Part I

The Higher Content had the pleasure of interviewing a fierce female medical marijuana consultant who has been rapidly growing and gaining attention in the cannabis community.  Dr. Dina is a California native who has seen the miracles that cannabis is capable of first hand and has since dedicated her career to enlightening, educating and being apart of the marijuana movement.  She, like many, was once a believer of the common stereotype that weed is bad and is now putting her efforts towards making a positive impact in the cannabis industry.  

The Higher Content discovered Dr. Dina after the release of her Vice documentary, The Real Nancy Botwin.  We especially took a liking to the fact that she was a stand up herbalist, someone who knew the facts about cannabis and is not ashamed to share or debate the facts with anyone, including authorities.  Being that marijuana is legal in some states and not in others, with confusing laws per each state, Dr. Dina showed in her documentary that she don't take no shit!  Whether dealing with the authorities, the Mexican cartel or the average patient, Dr. Dina always shows respect, intelligence and confidence.

 Dr. Dina & Snoop Dogg

Dr. Dina & Snoop Dogg

Dina was introduced to marijuana in high school while hanging out at a friends house in California.  Her friend's father was a criminal lawyer to some well paying clients  and owned a house that sat on acres of land.  One day, some boys left the home office in the garage and asked her friend where they could smoke.  Dina went with the group behind the hedges near the tennis court on the property where a tall guy lit up a blunt.  She knew it wasn't a cigarette because it smelt different than what her dad used to smoke.  Her friend was nervous that Dina would tell his parents, so the smoker who everyone was calling "Snoopy" said, "Put her in the mix!" (or something of that nature) and told her to come and hit it.  She remembers freaking out, thinking that she wouldn't pass the SATs and not even getting high.  It turned out that the first person she ever smoked with ended up being Snoop Dogg.

Dina really discovered the miracle of marijuana when a friend of hers, who was diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer, was ready to commit suicide because the chemotherapy wasn't working for him.  He called her looking for a gun, and that's when Dina stepped in.  Her ex-fiancé suggested that she try giving him medical cannabis.  After taking a few hits, he stopped throwing up immediately.  Soon after, he started taking deep breathes to keep from hyperventilating and shortly after that, his stomach growled.  For the first time in a long time, he held down a piece of toast after eating it without throwing up.  They were then convinced that medical marijuana was a healing drug however, Dina refused to become his illegal dealer.  When her friend began throwing up after running out of cannabis, she was determined to find a way to make it legal for him.  


She found a doctor in San Francisco, a city that was usually written off as a bunch of "sacks" because they had the balls to create laws that other cities were didn't have the courage to enact.  She and her friend drove down to San Francisco, one of the longest car rides of her life because he was throwing up the whole way.  He was too sick to stand on the line that was wrapped around the block, so Dina bought and assembled an office chair and rolled her friend into the doctors office.  Thankfully, the physician immediately approved him for a medical marijuana card due to his obvious symptoms.  Dina jokingly said to him, "Man, you should open up in L.A.  I'll run your office for you."


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