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How To: Outdoor Sesh

Spring is here! (in some places more than others) That means, for herbalists at least, that we’re tempted with ditching the couch or comforts of indoors and smoke some flowers outside with the blooming flowers. Like the classic Mac Miller song, “Do you mind if we smoke this blunt outside? Cuz it’s nice out, and we can get high.” Warmer weather tends to make people act up; less clothes, less care. But in this day and age, as an herbalist who is trying to get rid of the stigma of a lazy, care-free stoner, there’s ways to go about bringing your indoor activities outdoors without causing a scene or ruining your (& all herbalists) reputation. Here are some tips on how to sesh outdoors without disturbing the peace.

We can’t even be mad at the fact that “they” don’t want us smoking in public - they’re banning cigarette smoking almost everywhere too. And we also must bear in mind that our smoke comes with a contact high. Basically, the government is like ‘go ahead, kill yourselves slowly with nicotine but you can’t smoke marijuana on the street and create a whole bunch of crazies.’ Of course we know that a contact high won’t make you strip naked in the middle of the street, but the older generation that still holds a seat in the federal government seems to think otherwise. So in the meantime, here are some universal laws that apply to pretty much any legal state that would be good behavior to practice if you toke outside.


It’s illegal to smoke within 1,000 feet of a school, day care center, or youth center for obvious reasons: children. Even if you think that the school is closed and there is no one on the property to see what you’re doing, just don’t do it. Establishments like these have cameras and you don’t want to test them and see how well they work. If you have a good conscience, refrain from bringing/using cannabis near anything that has a relation to children. Marijuana and children should only come in contact with each other for medical purposes. Keep your recreational activities away from kids territory.


There is no exception for smoking while driving. That includes driving a car, boat, vessel, aircraft; even a bicycle. States that have legalized consider operating any vehicle used for transportation while smoking or under the influence of cannabis absolutely illegal. Even a passenger is not allowed to smoke marijuana while in a moving vehicle.


Seems like an obvious one, right? But make sure that park that you were planning on going to and finding a quiet spot to sesh isn’t a national park. It’s illegal to smoke on federal land, including national parks and forests. State and federal laws differ, so even though it may be legal to smoke in the state you’re in, federally it’s not and you can receive a hefty fine if you’re caught chiefing on federal land.


Technically, it’s not legal to smoke in public at all. However, those who have successfully seshed outdoors have most likely done so in an area that was out of view of the general public. You want to be sure that the smoke won’t come in contact with innocent bystanders or passersby. If the wrong person catches a whiff of what you’re smoking, you could potentially ruin your whole sesh by being told to leave or receiving threats of having the cops called on you. And nobody wants that. Most importantly, you just want to smoke your flowers in peace. So don’t do anything that is likely to draw attention to yourself.


If you have a certain place that you’ve designated as your outdoor sesh spot, make sure you keep that area clean. Especially if you plan to continue to smoke there, don’t leave any evidence that illegal activity has occurred in that place. (Because face it, it’s still illegal to smoke in public) Of course, ashes blow away in the wind. So bringing a broom with you will do no justice. Make sure you put out any roaches and dispose of them in a different area. We suggest putting throwing clips and roaches in a water bottle with some liquid to out the flame, then throwing the water bottle away all together. Keep your environment clean and roach free!


Try lighting a blunt outside on a windy day. You’ll be high 30 minutes later. Flameless lighters and torches work best outdoors because the wind can’t break it. A torch has a stronger force than a standard BIC lighter and has different strengths. Using a torch on low will give you enough flame to light your joint, blunt or glass. A flameless lighter uses a coil which heats up enough to burn the end of your joint or blunt. Don’t move your sesh outdoors and get caught out there without a reliable object to light up.


We said it before, and we’ll say it again: smoking cannabis in public is not legal. But we’re sure that’s not stopping you from consuming in public, just like marijuana being illegal hasn’t stopped millions of people from smoking it. The best thing any herbalist can do is to be aware of the risks and know their rights. If you’re smoking in public, you are taking the risk of getting a fine, and depending on where you’re caught smoking is the deciding factor on how much the ticket will be. So you have to decide, is smoking this joint outside really worth having to pay $100+ if I get caught? If you’re willing to take the chance, by all means. We hope you’re aware of your rights as well. Each (legal) state governs their marijuana laws differently, and it’s best that every herbalist is familiar with their state laws whether they’re smoking outside or not.

Happy Outdoor Toking!