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Your Makeup Probably Doesn't Have CBD In It


CBD is popping up on store shelves everywhere! You probably can’t drive down the street without seeing a sign, banner or billboard advertising that a store in your area is a proud carrier products that contain the marijuana plant derived ingredient. It’s advertised as a healing agent, which is causing the general population to raise their eyebrows and potentially change their minds about cannabis only being a drug you should just say no to. And with an influx in customers, brands are starting to wonder how they can get in on the CBD market, too. CBD is such a hot commodity; it can be found in edible tinctures and snacks, shampoo, soap and makeup. You may think that you can get CBD anywhere, but many products that claim to contain CBD, really don’t. Ladies, don’t be fooled into spending extra money on makeup (which already ain’t cheap) just because the packaging is green and has marijuana leaves on it. READ THE INGREDIENTS!

I know, who really wants to spend more time in the makeup aisle reading ingredients!? We already have the dilemma of finding the brand we want, then matching our skin tone with the immense amount of foundations, or looking for a new brand to try because the last one you bought didn’t agree with your skin. Some of us have allergies that we need to be mindful of before we buy things that soak into our pores all day. And A LOT of us have no idea what we’re doing in the makeup aisle and just want to find something to cover up our blemishes or lighten those dark spots underneath our eyes. Something that beginners and makeup professionals should all be familiar with is the CBD ingredient and how we can all be fooled at a quick glance.



CBD has many benefits for the skin. The non-psychotropic component of the marijuana or hemp plant has benefited conditions like acne, sensitive skin and wrinkles. One of the most well known facts about CBD is that it acts as an anti-inflammatory however, it also has antioxidant properties as well. CBD has the potential to reduce redness, diminish breakouts, wrinkles and skin dullness and ultimately is very soothing.

With benefits like those, what skin care company wouldn’t see dollar signs when it came to CBD!? Most makeup brands are jumping on the CBD bandwagon, advertising that their products contain CBD; and many consumers are buying it (literally and figuratively). Companies like MILK makeup and NYX Cosmetics, who already list their products at affordable prices and probably generate substantial revenue every year, decided to release a line of makeup catered to the CBD ingredient. However, in the case of NYX, right on the front of the bottle, it claims to contain cannabis sativa seed oil.

Most of the brands that promote their makeup with marijuana leaves or where cannabis is written big and bold on the packaging are deceiving you. Adding such things is nothing but an eye-catcher, and shockingly not considered false advertising. Using a marijuana leaf does not necessarily mean that the actual leaf was used as an ingredient but it does insinuate that some part of the plant is used within the product; and it is. Cannabis sativa seed oil is the proper term for what is actually being used: the oil from the seed of a marijuana plant. And despite coming from the seed, the oil contains absolutely no CBD and does not have the benefits and healing properties that CBD does. REAL CBD oil is extracted from the marijuana plant and comes in two forms: CBD isolate, which is pure CBD and full spectrum, which contains hundreds of other cannabinoids from the plant. Full spectrum CBD is considered to be better and more effective because of its array of cannabinoids.


First things first, anything that comes from the cannabis plant is going to cost a pretty penny (especially if it’s good stuff). Think of it like this: you can spend $40 and get a shit load of regular weed or that same $40 can buy you an eighth or top shelf. You get more for your money when you buy lower quality but on the other hand, you get better quality for your money but less quantity. Same applies when buying CBD skincare products.

You can spend $10 on a makeup primer that contains “cannabis sativa seed oil” just to say that you use cannabis in your makeup routine, or you can spend $50 for a container of the same size as the cheaper brand and use a better product with actual CBD oil. To make things clear, if the product is cheap and claims to have CBD in it, that’s a red flag. Extracting CBD from the cannabis plant is a process, and it ain’t cheap! (The machine alone can cost as little as $150,000) Purchasing CBD oil rather than extracting can run anywhere from $0.05-$0.16/milligram - which equals to one bottle of CBD costing anywhere from $10-150 each. Therefore any makeup company that is claiming to sell CBD for a cheap price, you’ve got to wonder how that’s even possible.

As stated before, if the ingredients list cannabis sativa seed oil, it contains absolutely no CBD. Ingredients are listed from which is used most to least. Usually this is towards the bottom of the list of ingredients.

You can always ask questions! If you’re unsure whether or not the product you’re thinking of buying contains CBD or any type of marijuana additive, don’t be afraid to reach out to the company itself. Their explanation should be telling in itself. If you receive an answer that doesn’t flat out tell you, “Yes, our product contains __% CBD,” there’s another red flag. When it comes to product break down, the answers should be easily understood. If you find that the company still leaves you uncertain, you’re most likely considering purchasing a product that is not as educated about CBD.

This last fact isn’t necessarily 100% true but is a commonality found amongst many brands that actually contain CBD. If the brand you’re looking to purchase is donning itself with marijuana leaves, green packaging, green product, CANNABIS or HEMP written big and bold - it’s most likely not what it portrays itself to be. Marijuana brands are not in your face with weed. On the contrary, cannabis brands are attempting to create a different stereotype; one that showcases professionalism and normalcy.



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